Blog | 7 minutes

7 Signs You Have This Retail Problem (And The Solution)

Virtual queuing is a relatively new concept. The first use of the word queue in relation to people standing in (…)

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Blog | 8 minutes

A Quick Guide to Queuing Theory

Businesses and organizations that serve customers in a physical location have many operational needs, including a way for those customers (…)

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Blog | 5 minutes

Leveraging Virtual Queuing Data: What Type of Metrics Measure Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is so important to success. Consider these two statistics from Salesforce: Eighty percent of consumers value experience as (…)

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Blog | 4 minutes

Understaffed Businesses? 4 Ways Virtual Queue Management Solutions Can Help

The struggles understaffed businesses face often result in a vicious cycle. Current employees feel crunched because there are not enough (…)

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How Virtual Queuing Helps You Service Customers with Less Staff

Businesses continue to struggle with staffing their operations, and the dilemma is taking its toll on the customer experience. A (…)

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Blog | 5 minutews

6 Steps for Optimizing Your Organization’s Virtual Queue with System Data

Since the first cash register was invented in 18791, technology has played an integral role in how businesses operate more (…)

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Blog | 5 minutes

5 Ways Your Online Queue System Affects the Bottom Line

Many businesses see long lines of customers as a positive sign. People are in your business, which, in this era (…)

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Blog | 6 minutes

6 Features of Appointment Scheduling Solutions That Will Streamline Your Business

Scheduling an appointment should be a revenue-driving action on the customer’s part. Someone calls you and books a time to (…)

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Blog | 2 minutes

9 Benefits of a Queue Management System

Are long lines avoidable? Some businesses would answer no, even though there are proven strategies for minimizing customer wait times. (…)

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