Our Story

We're transforming the customer journey.

Millions of people every month are getting out of line and into Qtrac. Discover the future of queue management and the customer journey.

Our Core Philosophy

People-First Customer Journey Technology

From the start, our intention for Qtrac was to create a queue management platform that could improve the customer experience by focusing on the way people interact with your business.

After all, these interactions—the customer journey—play a key role in the overall health of every company.

The key to realizing this goal has been our core philosophy of people first, technology second. This mantra underscores everything we do.

After all, queuing is all about people. And people is what we’re about.

The Qtrac Team

We're not all geeks but we are all queue experts

(We’re all geeks)


The Qtrac edge? Our team of queuing experts.

With a combined 120 years of experience, our team has helped businesses in every industry manage their queues and customer journey.

So while some of us are computer or tech geeks, we are all queuing geeks.

It’s what enables us to ask the right questions—to probe and learn about your needs, your customers, and your business.

Because we understand that queuing looks different in every organization.

It’s why we’ve built a feature-set so rich and dynamic, that simple configurations create a customized solution for most any business.

The result? A truly remarkable customer experience personally tailored for your business.


people queued every day


increase in operational efficiency


global locations using Qtrac
Trusted Partner
"Businesses both large and small trust our queuing expertise and holistic approach to their customer journey.”
Yoni Lavi, CEO, Qtrac
Our Heritage

The business of queuing is Lavi's business


From our humble beginnings in 1979 to our emergence as the world’s leader in queue management and the customer journey, we’ve held steadfast to our core beliefs of uncompromising quality and a customer-focused culture.

These values have been a cornerstone of our business as we’ve helped organizations across the globe improve their operations and their customer’s experience.

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Integrated Solutions

Take advantage of our deep expertise:

Indoor & Outdoor Signage Systems

Integrated signage solutions help improve communication and increase customer engagement.

Explore on lavi.com

Store Fixtures and Merchandising

Because even with Qtrac in your Service Areas you can still use a profit boost at the checkout counter.

Discover on lavi.com

Architectural Railing Systems

Curtain walls and architectural partitions create elegant waiting areas for your customers.

Learn more at lavi.com

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