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Our consultative approach ensures that we get to know you, your business, and your customers to support your business growth.

People-first queue management technology

Our partners are helping us improve the customer experience every day.

Delighting customers by creating engaging customer experiences is what Qtrac strives to do on a daily basis. When you partner with Qtrac, you become an integral part of this vision, helping us create a holistic approach to the customer journey across a wide range of businesses and industries.

By working together, we’ll bring to your customers advanced technology, valuable skills, and a vast knowledge-base, providing a more hands-on, personal experience that will boost revenue and increase ROI. The result is happier customers and stronger business relationships.

We encourage Value-Added Resellers (VAR’s) and Multiple Solution Providers (MSP’s) to join us. Together we can improve the customer journey and enrich the customer experience one queue at a time

The Lavi Legacy

Four Decades of Experience

No one has thought more about the art and science of queuing than we have. For 40 years and counting, we’ve been amassing knowledge about how to leverage technology to make queuing safe, quick, and dare we say, enjoyable.

Work with the most experienced queue consultants in the business and take advantage of our industry knowledge. We know how to keep your customers moving.

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Our Strategic Partners


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Government Contract Pricing

If you are a GSA enabled agency or company, we can provide significant cost savings with government contract pricing.

Integrated Solutions

We offer the widest integrated solution base in the industry—from multiple technology applications to physical queuing and signage systems—all seamlessly incorporated into a holistic solution.

Virtual queuing provides customers a personalized, frictionless way to wait for service, and a business platform for multi-channel, tailored engagement that keeps them coming back for more.

Global Leader

Your partnership connects you to a globally recognized thought-leader in queue management and public guidance solutions. With a combined 120 years of experience, our team has helped businesses in every industry manage their queues and customer journey.

From our humble beginnings in 1979 to our emergence as the world’s leader in queue management and the customer journey, we’ve held steadfast to our core beliefs of uncompromising quality and a customer-focused culture.

World-Class Development

Our world-class, in-house software development team provides innovative, state-of-the-art solutions that help solve unique customer needs.

Our queue management software empowers your team to provide tailored, meaningful customer experiences that foster relationships and transform the way customers interact with your business. Built-in features for human interaction and trust build brand loyalty and drive long-term growth.

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