Qtrac for Education

A student-focused queue management system

Why Qtrac For Your School?

Private and public colleges and universities use Qtrac’s queue management system for everything from the health center and counseling services to bookstores and food courts.

Virtual queues increase efficiency and streamline processes for students, faculty, and staff while keeping public safety at the forefront.

Manage Campus Resources

With appointment scheduling, students can preschedule visits to departments that often have long lines, such as:

  • Registrar’s office
  • Card services office
  • Health center

Capture student scheduling data to understand when and how to staff student-support services.

Schedule Between Classes

With tight times between classes, students can schedule appointments with various departments ahead of time to fit into their schedules.

  • No more waiting in lines
  • Lower chance of missing an employee during their lunch break
  • Proactive communication of student needs to increase efficiency

Improve Public Safety

Eliminating lines within buildings helps your school comply with social distancing protocols. 

Qtrac’s notification tools enable targeted or broad communication to students regarding upcoming appointments or campus-wide announcements.

Become a Leader in the Student Experience

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