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Virtual queuing for colleges and universities

Manage financial aid and course registration, transcript requests, major declarations, web portal password resets, grades and academic standing, and dozens of other critical administrative tasks.

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Why Qtrac virtual queuing?

The beginning of any college semester can be stressful for students, administrators, and faculty members.

Students spend hours on their computers researching and registering for classes, administrators field hundreds if not thousands of questions about financial aid, and faculty juggle office hours, grading papers, and preparing lectures.

Qtrac’s virtual queuing system might not solve every problem on campus, but it can resolve these and more common issues by improving overall operational efficiency for a more positive experience for everyone and build better relationships between students and staff.

Meet students where they are.

The world is driven by digital experiences; we shop, bank, and can even see a doctor on our phones. College students, especially, expect the world at their fingertips, and they don’t have the patience for any online experience that isn’t optimized to make the most of their time.

Queuing software and digital appointment scheduling are designed with users in mind.

  • Remote check-in: Students tell the system what service(s) they need, and they are placed in appropriate virtual queues.
  • Real-time updates: Messages are delivered via text or email about estimated wait times and when they should report to the physical location for service.
  • Flexible waiting: Students don’t have to plan their day around standing in a long, physical line. They can wait wherever they want—playing video games, grabbing a bite to eat, or even studying.

Library and Tutoring Services

Students can book computer labs and study rooms without taking staff members away from other tasks. Online appointment scheduling makes it easy to find tutors who are available at times that best meet both parties’ needs.

Campus Health Center

Students will need to see a physician at some point, and virtual queuing and appointment scheduling improves health center efficiency. With this software reducing wait times and helping clinic staff triage ailments, students are more likely to seek treatment before minor complaints become major illnesses.

Student Mental Health Counseling

The stigma about mental health care continues to shrink with more widespread conversations about its importance. The demand for counseling has grown, and digital appointment scheduling allows students to book appointments according to their class, work, and study schedules.

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Improve student and staff experiences with data-driven decisions.

College and university campuses are no different than the rest of the world: Data drives decisions.

Qtrac’s virtual queue system has robust reporting tools with real-time and historical insights that track peak student traffic, which services they need the most and when, and how long it takes employees to complete interactions.

Key benefits

Centralized Dashboard

Department managers can staff appropriately if they understand when student demand is highest. Qtrac’s centralized management dashboard can be accessed from any device for real-time snapshots of operations. This way, workers can be moved from an area that’s slow to another that might need more attention.

Personalized Communication

Based on how students interact with Qtrac’s queuing software, schools have the opportunity to personalize communications. School news, offers, and promos based on personal interests increase engagement and strengthen the bond students feel with their school.

Seamless Integration

Virtual queuing technology from Qtrac integrates with systems and platforms already in use on campus. It also adapts to the changing needs of a school and its students. Schools won’t need to rip out and replace what already works for them.

No Installation Required

Qtrac’s queuing system doesn’t require the installation of any software. Instead, users access the system through secure, browser-based access from either their smartphones or interactive kiosks on campus. Plus, no proprietary hardware makes it easy to install and creates a low cost of ownership

Improved Accessibility

Qtrac’s industry-leading accessibility features ensure students needing additional assistance have the best experience. Qtrac interfaces follow ADA compliance and constantly update, and our newest features adhere to WCAG AA 2.0 methodology.

State-of-the-Art Security

Your data, and your students’ information, is always secure with Qtrac. We’ll never sell it and sensitive information is regularly purged based on your own policies.

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