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Queue management software for people.

Qtrac’s enterprise platform and people-first technology delivers state-of-the-art privacy, security, and accessibility that scales with your business.

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Queue Management Software Customer - Ann Arbor Animal Hospital
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Accommodating & Responsive
“Lavi Industries continues to be extremely accommodating, always willing to troubleshoot and help us figure out how we can overcome hurdles.”
Katherine Griebe, Ann Arbor Animal Hospital

People first, technology second

Our queue management software empowers your team to provide tailored, meaningful customer experiences that foster relationships and transform the way customers interact with your business. Built-in features for human interaction and trust build brand loyalty and drive long-term growth.

  • Data privacy and security
  • Accessibility and enablement
  • Multi-language support
  • Omni-channel integration

A modern platform with an eye to the future

Microsoft’s Azure playbook helps guide the implementation of industry best-practices in the development and deployment of Qtrac’s enterprise infrastructure. And our IT-friendly approach ensures a quick and painless implementation.

  • No-code interface
  • Securely hosted in the cloud
  • No software to install, anywhere.
  • Standard browser-based access
  • Best-in-class security
Meeting Your Needs
“We appreciate that Lavi continues to improve and expand their product offering as it allows us to offer more services to our customers and meet their ever-evolving and changing needs. Thank you!”
Tiphanie Watson, Brightridge
People-first technology

A human approach to queue management software

Preserving Privacy

  • Your customer data belongs to you. We’ll never sell it to third parties.
  • Data access options limit visibility of information to frontline staff.
  • Strict data controls enable regular purging of sensitive data.

Enabling Accessibility

  • ADA compliant interfaces compatible with WCAG AA 2.0 accessibility.
  • Features configurable color contrast and screen reader compatibility.
  • Built-in options for users with vision, speech, and hearing impairment.

Multi-Language Support

  • Communicate with your customers via their language of choice.
  • Configure and customize multiple language options globally or per location.
  • Automatically route customers to language-appropriate team members.

Seamless Integration

  • Create seamless customer experiences with integrations into your website, mobile app, and digital signage systems.
  • Drive growth with API’s for CRM, point-of-sale (EPOS), and other business platforms.
  • Streamline team efficiency with Qtrac’s Single Sign-On (SSO) capability.
A Powerful Platform

Intelligence that evolves with your business

Robust and Secure

  • Restrict access to your own IP subnet to enforce your enterprise security policies.
  • Built in password complexity and expiration rules. Configurable login/logout timers.
  • Granular user role builder with permissions and access by location, region, or enterprise.
  • The Qtrac database uses encryption at rest and in transit.

Ensuring Compliance

  • Qtrac Enterprise: Set data retention properties to align with business policies.
  • Enterprise level users can configure auto data purge settings by time period.
  • Configurable properties enable compliance requirements from around the world.

Azure Architecture

  • Quickly scalable across a large number of locations and users, with low latency and bandwidth requirements.
  • Data redundancy protocols ensure that your deployment stays online, always.
  • Microsoft partnership brings best practices to our infrastructure development and deployment.

State-of-the-art Platform

  • Web-based platform accessed entirely through standard internet browsers.
  • Your IT team does not need to install software on any devices.
  • Qtrac is hardware agnostic. It works on almost any device, including your customers’ smartphones.
  • Easily customized and configured to create unique user interfaces, business logic, and enterprise controls.
WCAG AA 2.0 Accessibility

The 4 principles of accessibility

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) bases web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) around four basic principles. Qtrac user interfaces (web pages) use elements such as alternative text and contrast ratio to follow ADA compliance. The Qtrac development team continuously assesses the queuing software for accessibility gaps and implements remedies. New features and enhancements incorporate WCAG AA 2.0 methodology.

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