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Real-time intelligence and robust reporting empowers your team to learn, adapt, and continuously improve the service experience.

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Real-time Monitoring

Dashboards make it clear

Real-time dashboards provide actionable insights for improving the service experience now, when the need is high and the impact is greatest.

Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts spark action

Configurable conditional alerts spur your front-line service team into action, capitalizing on opportunities and resolving potential issues before they get out of hand.


The Agency Efficiency Report

Align service with customer need to improve efficiency

Capture historical data such as average and maximum service times, average transactions, and employee utilization to understand service loads, staffing levels, and service complexity.

The Customer Experience Report

Adapt and improve after each customer interaction

Vital historical statistics such as average and maximum wait times, service size, queue size, no shows, abandonment, and more help improve the customer journey.

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Historical Analysis

Identify trends and business patterns

Knowing the past is an important first step in preparing for the present. Qtrac’s reporting suite compares performance across time periods, services, and locations to inform your future actions.

Optimize and improve efficiency

Be exactly the right amount of busy by understanding capacity, allocation, and service time performance, and comparing to customer demand on a local, regional, and global level.


Discover the story behind your data

Conditional Alerts

  • Conditional alerts based on configurable KPI’s provide an easy-to-see, heads-up to the service team.

Real-Time Dashboards

  • Customizable management screens provide actionable data about what’s happening right now.

Dynamic Report Generation

  • Qtrac’s drag-and-drop Report Builder delivers valuable insights to drive operational improvements.

Templated Reports

  • Pre-defined reports, such as Service Productivity and Customer Experience, provide useful data for most routine queries.

Location Analytics

  • Analyze data at the local, regional, or enterprise level using hourly, weekly, or day-to-day formats.

Data Export

  • Flexible data export provides for offline analysis using a wide range of external tools.

Connected Workflow

  • Visualize, dissect, and analyze Qtrac data directly from your B/I platform with our intuitive API.

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