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Qtrac’s powerful customer data and unique suite of tools enable you to connect with your customers at the peak of their interest and develop tailored, meaningful experiences.

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Seamless Integrations

  • Integrate Qtrac’s API with Salesforce or any other CRM to automate targeted marketing.

Insights that Convert Leads

  • Send personalized recommendations, promotional offers, and encourage future visits based on insights gained through visit data.

Stay Ahead of the Game

  • Get a headstart on customer needs prior to the visit for more efficient and productive in-person interactions.

From Beginning to End

  • Communicate with customers at every step of their journey, from advance notice of what they need to gathering feedback after service.

Envision the Customer Experience of the Future

Forge bonds of customer loyalty with Qtrac’s intelligent online queue management system.

Your employees can use comprehensive insights about each customer to prepare in advance for their visit—from knowing why they’re coming in to their unique preferences and priorities to what language they speak.

A prepared team is better equipped to serve customers faster and more efficiently, resulting in a memorably positive experience.

Trusted across industries to improve the customer experience.


Let customers do what they came to do—shop. Virtual queuing allows customers to browse the store while they wait, and gives you the opportunity to grow sales.

Public Sector

From DMVs to public offices, allowing visitors to pre-schedule appointments gives your staff a more even workflow, and visitors a faster, more efficient experience.

Restaurants & Casinos

Let all of your guests feel like VIPs with real-time updates and pre-scheduled reservations, so your team can get back to the tables and guests can relax.

Airports & Airlines

When delays and impatience reign, virtual queues can help provide travelers with greater transparency and the important real-time information they seek, no agents needed.


Long wait times can turn a routine doctor’s visit into a stressful time drain—by giving control to your patients through online scheduling and accurate wait times you instill trust and mutual respect.

Higher Education

Allow students to sign up to register for classes, counselor meetings, or campus doctor visits ahead of time, and send them reminders of what they need to bring before they arrive.

Keep in Mind

What to Know When You Make the Jump to Virtual Queuing

While customers can benefit greatly from virtual queues—from saving time to having a more positive overall experience—remember that it might take time to adjust as you train your staff on new practices and customers get used to checking in digitally.

To keep the transition as smooth as possible, we’ve put together the top tips to ensure a better experience for everyone.

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What Makes Qtrac Different?

Multi-Language Support

Set up multiple language options and allow customers to interact using the language of their choice—and then pair them with an associate proficient in that language.

Built for Accessibility

Qtrac interfaces follow ADA compliance and constantly update so all customers receive a seamless experience. Our newest features adhere to WCAG AA 2.0 methodology.

State-of-the-Art Security

Your data, and your customers’ information, is always secure with Qtrac. We’ll never sell it and sensitive information is regularly purged based on your own company’s policies.

Deliver convenient, memorable service.

Actionable Insights

  • Learn about your customers’ needs before they step foot in your store, equipping your employees with key information to provide exceptional, personalized service.

Fast, Friendly Interaction

  • When your team members are free from managing lines, they can help serve more customers—making your service faster and more efficient.

Real-time Engagement

  • With two-way text messaging, you can communicate with customers and send updates on their wait time, along with tailored ads and service information.

Freedom to Choose

  • Empower your customers to choose how they spend their time, giving them the freedom to browse the store while they wait—and increase impulse buys.
Qtrac’s Insights

Gain valuable data to improve the customer journey

Switching to a virtual queue allows you to request and receive information from the moment a customer joins the line.

Insights—whether those provided by the customer or the detailed analytics from each visit—give you the intel you need to enhance the customer experience, from increasing engagement via tailored ads to improving internal efficiency with shorter wait times.

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The Qtrac Platform

Deliver remarkable customer journeys

Eliminate lines with Virtual Queuing

Easily manage visitors plus gain insights into their needs prior to serving them.

Learn about virtual queuing

Manage capacity with Appointment Scheduling

Control and manage workload and occupancy to maximize efficiency.

Discover Qtrac appointment scheduling

Engage and connect with Mobile Queuing

Communicate directly with customers for the ultimate personalized experience.

View Qtrac mobile queuing

Gather insight with Reporting and Analytics

Easily uncover data to create efficiencies and new opportunities for growth.

Learn about Qtrac reporting

Future-proof with an agile Tech Stack

Ensure security and scalability with Qtrac’s robust SaaS system architecture.

Learn about Qtrac's technology

Ensure success with world-class Support

Qtrac's dedicated team of experts ensure a successful project.

Discover our world-class support

Take back your wait time with Virtual Queuing

Free customers to shop or browse while they wait.

Learn about virtual queuing

Skip the wait with Appointment Scheduling

Appointment reminders keep customers on time and reduce no-shows.

Discover Qtrac appointment scheduling

Enjoy the wait anywhere with Mobile Queuing

Wait-time notifications offer marketing and advertising opportunities.

View Qtrac mobile queuing

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