Virtual Queuing

Create a better waiting experience.

Qtrac eliminates the need for physical lines. It provides customers a personalized, frictionless way to wait for service, and a business platform for multi-channel, tailored engagement.

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Virtual Queuing

A Better Waiting Experience

Qtrac eliminates the need for physical lines. It provides customers a personalized and frictionless way to wait for service, and businesses a platform for multi-channel, tailored engagement.

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Why Virtual Queuing?

A Smarter Experience

Qtrac creates a more enjoyable environment for customers and employees to connect, by bringing easy-to-use technology to the store, branch, or facility.

Happier Customers

Qtrac puts customers in charge of their wait time, increasing satisfaction and boosting loyalty.

More Efficient Service

Qtrac uncovers customer needs prior to service, empowering staff with tools that enable them to be more productive and give better service.

The Customer Experience

Get out of line and enjoy the wait

Click below to experience the ease of Qtrac

  • Add yourself to a queue Add yourself to a queue
  • Track your wait Track your wait
  • Easily contact your service team Easily contact your service team
  • It’s your turn! It’s your turn!
The Associate Experience

Rich customer insights provide meaningful engagements

The Service Dashboard arms associates with customer data and communication tools for a more relevant and personalized customer experience. Serving customers has never been easier.

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Virtual Queuing Case Study

Qtrac manages patient load at Animal Hospital

As a walk-in practice, wait times were a reality for Ann Arbor Animal Hospital (AAAH). The convenience of same-day service was usually offset by the inconvenience of long wait times. Add to this the ongoing restrictions from the pandemic, and the clinic was experiencing even longer wait times than usual.

Qtrac would provide both efficient appointment management and effective patient communication, while Lavi Industries’ deep queue management expertise would assure that all of their needs and their customers’ expectations would be addressed.

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Features and Benefits

Help your customers, empower your team, and grow your business

Intuitive System Configuration

  • Fully scalable from one location to multiple sites
  • Set up and control multiple sites, sectors, and regions
  • Add unlimited number of Services/Queues
  • Easily configure all customer facing graphics, text, and audio
  • Customize service data, business rules, and kpi’s globally or by individual location

Self or Assisted Check-In

  • Check in using QR code, SMS, WhatsApp, on-site tablet or kiosk, Greeter and more
  • Configurable unique questions capture customer information
  • Tiered menus funnel customers into appropriate services
  • Optional support for ticket printers, card readers, and barcode scanners
  • Multiple language support

Robust Service Interface

  • Log-in from any web browser-supported device
  • Configurable, permission-based views
  • View and Call from individual queues or all queues
  • Call, Prioritize, Requeue, Transfer, Edit, or Delete any customer or group
  • Attach comments or notes to any customer
  • Conditional rule-driven alerts visually highlight data for quick action

Dynamic Digital Signage

  • Add transparency and manage expectations with digital queue displays
  • Customize on-screen layouts, messaging, queue info, and media
  • Real-voice, multi-language audio support
  • Manage media locally or through third-party digital signage software

Web-based Software

  • No apps—Qtrac provides browser-based access for customers and staff
  • Use existing hardware and customer devices
  • Low data flow and bandwidth requirements (typically <1mbps)

Rapid Enterprise Deployment

  • Bulk user/branch upload
  • Batch update capabilities
  • Hierarchical business logic deployment
  • Easily set/limit/expand any user permission

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A Note From Us
“We’re more than just a software company. For over 40 years, businesses both large and small have trusted our queuing expertise and holistic approach to solve their most vexing customer journey issues. Let us solve yours.

We invite you to take the next step with Qtrac Virtual Queuing.”
Yoni Lavi, President, Lavi Industries
ico 40 years

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