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Whether you’re a large enterprise or small business, we have a Qtrac® solution to meet your needs.



  • Virtual Queuing • Greeter
    • Check-In, Agent Portal, Store Display
    • Admin Portal
    • Includes customer branding
  • Mobile Queuing • Mobile
    • Check-In, Mobile Updates & Standard Digital Signage
    • Includes customer branding
  • Reporting and Analytics • Historical Reports
    • Reports Builder
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Virtual Queuing
+ Appointments

  • Everything in Virtual Queuing +
  • Admin Portal, Booking Module
  • Booking Management
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  • Everything Qtrac has to offer+
  • Real Time Enterprise Analytics Real Time Enterprise Analytics Dashboard, Enterprise Aggregate, Drilldown by Region/Branch/User/Service
  • Customer Engagement Survey Customizable Web-Based Customer Feedback Survey, Survey Analytics and Reports
  • Mobile Promotions Customizable Digital Signage Banner Promotions on Customer Mobile Wait Screens (GIF, Image, Text)
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Our super professional Qtrac® Experts help you with everything from customer flow, design, configuration, and training. See setup fees


Save money on setup fees with smart location scaling

  • 22% discount between 6-25 locations
  • 50% discount between 26-99 locations
  • 72% discount over 100 locations
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Real Time Enterprise Analytics

Real Time Enterprise Analytics Dashboard, Enterprise Aggregate, Drilldown by Region/Branch/User/Queue/Service
per month per location
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per month per location

Customer Engagement Surveys

Customizable Web-Based Customer Feedback Survey, Survey Analytics and Reports
per month per location
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per month per location

Mobile Promotions

Customizable Digital Signage Banner Promotions on Customer Mobile Wait Screens (GIF, Image, Text, Video)
per month per location
Per location See setup fees
Customer SMS notifications: $ per SMS
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Pricing breakdown

Monthly cost: $270.00$185.00
Monthly cost: $270.00$185.00


Real Time Enterprise Analytics (add-on)
$8.00 per month x 72 locations
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Setup Fees

Enterprise Onboarding
Setup per Location
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Qtrac Transforms your Business

Increase Sales

Take advantage of thousands of customers constantly engaged with Qtrac's queue information screens.

Increase exposure to promotional content to customers by 91%

Improve Service

Reduce service times, align your staffing levels with demand, and facilitate collaboration amongst your employees.

Boost operational efficiency by as much as 35%

Boost Loyalty

Powerful tools provide valuable insights about your customers to personalize and tailor their experience.

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by 105%


Getting Started

I want to implement Virtual Queuing and Appointment Scheduling according to industry best practices. Can someone help me with this?

Every plan includes consultation with our queue management experts. They will learn about your business and guide you through the setup process.

I don’t have time to configure Qtrac® myself, what should I do?

Not to worry! Our project management team is ready to rapidly assist you with setup and will train you on configuration after you are live.

What if I need to make changes, how does this work?

We understand your business is changing constantly. Besides the training we provide your team on how to adjust business settings, we are happy to assist you with any change. Just email our help desk team.

Browser & Hardware Compatibility

Do I need special hardware or browsers to use Qtrac®?

Qtrac® is a web-based solution and runs on any device with a modern browser.

Do my customers need to install an app to use Qtrac®?

Your customers will benefit from all the capabilities of Qtrac® without the need to download an app.

HelpDesk, Training & Support

What type of support do you offer?

Each plan includes our standard support program which includes:

  • Dedicated live help-desk team available via telephone, chat, email from 06:00 PST to 18:00 PST Monday through Friday.
  • 24/7 network and application monitoring.
  • Access to quarterly help-desk reports including SLA success, common tickets, training opportunities, issue/resolution analysis.

For more information, learn about our service level agreement here.

How does training work?

All plans include 4 hours of the Qtrac® “train the trainer” program. This will train your staff on all the core elements of the platform such as serving customers from the queue, managing appointments, adding customers to the queue, and advanced features. We also train your administrators how to configure Qtrac® and utilize reports. We are never shy to provide follow up training if we feel you could use a helping hand.

For enterprise plans, contact us to learn more about training and adoption strategies.

Customization, Integrations & Upgrades

How much customization is available? Can I design the system with my branding and business practices?

Qtrac® software has hundreds of easy to use business settings which empower you to create a unique experience with your branding and business logic.

Can I integrate Qtrac® with another application at my business?

The Qtrac® platform has an extensive API library. Contact us to discuss integration opportunities.

Does my plan include free upgrades?

All plans include upgrades at no additional cost.

Customer Flow Options

What’s the difference between an appointments and virtual queuing?

Appointments are pre-booked visits made online. When these customers arrive, they join the virtual queue and are prioritized based on their appointment time.

Virtual queues allow walk-in customers to join a digital waiting line depending on their reason for visit.

Managing appointments and virtual queues in one place makes your staff’s lives so much easier! Contact us to learn more.

What are the different options for joining a virtual queue?

Scan a QR code, send a text or Whatsapp, interface with a touch screen, have a greeter assist you.

What accessibility features have you implemented for Qtrac®?

Qtrac® is currently compliant with WCAG AA 2.0 methodology.

Is Qtrac® multi-lingual?

Yes. Qtrac® can support any language.

Security, Data & Privacy

What security features and standards have you implemented?

Qtrac® and team follow industry best practices to create a secure and future-proof service. Contact us to learn more about our security standards and policies.

Does Qtrac® collect or require sensitive customer information?

No, the Qtrac® platform will collect customer information based on your setup. This can be as simple as a one-touch button to anonymously join the queue or as sophisticated as multi-page questionnaires.

Is data stored in Qtrac® used for purposes other than my queuing project?

The data captured by Qtrac® for your business is 100% yours. The platform also contains flexible data retention features to match your privacy policies.

By continuing to browse this site, you accept the terms of our personal data privacy policy.