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When customers have the power to join the queue from anywhere, waits feel shorter—and more enjoyable.

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Let customers join remotely

  • Customers choose when and how to join a queue — in-person, through your website, or right from their phone. They can sign up in real-time or schedule a future appointment.

Wait from anywhere

  • Once they’ve checked-in, your customers can wait anywhere while doing anything they like so waiting doesn’t really feel like waiting at all.

Easily manage customer flow

  • Track and limit occupancy, prioritize VIP customers, and get instant insight into customer wait times, service capacity, and more.

Get to know your customers

  • Provide exceptional, personalized service by learning your customers’ needs and wants before they even step foot in your building.
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Grow Sales by Eliminating Lines

Studies show that when customers are at ease and receive tailored shopping experiences, they buy more and become repeat customers—and tell their friends.

What’s more, when customers have the freedom to browse the store while they wait, they are more likely to impulse shop.

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Deliver convenient, memorable service.

Actionable Insights

  • Learn about your customers’ needs before they step foot in your store, equipping your employees with key information to provide exceptional, personalized service.

Fast, Friendly Interaction

  • When your team members are free from managing lines, they can help serve more customers—making your service faster and more efficient.

Real-time Engagement

  • With two-way text messaging, you can communicate with customers and send updates on their wait time, along with tailored ads and service information.

Freedom to Choose

  • Empower your customers to choose how they spend their time, giving them the freedom to browse the store while they wait—and increase impulse buys.
Qtrac in Action:

Ensure Safety with Reduced Crowds

With Qtrac’s convenient scheduling, two-way messaging, and personalized insights, you can provide safe in-store experiences for both customers and employees—while keeping up with high demand and heavy traffic.

Qtrac makes it clear who’s there for service at all times, allowing you to manage occupancy and access with ease. And without lines to manage or impatient crowds, your employees will be able to offer exceptional service where you need them most.

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Qtrac’s Insights

Gain valuable data to improve the customer journey

Switching to a virtual queue allows you to request and receive information from the moment a customer joins the line.

Insights—whether those provided by the customer or the detailed analytics from each visit—give you the intel you need to enhance the customer experience, from increasing engagement via tailored ads to improving internal efficiency with shorter wait times.

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Why eliminate lines?

Elevated Service

When customers check-in, you’ll instantly learn why they’re at your location, so you can better respond to needs and allocate your time and staff accordingly.

Reduce Anxiety

Switching from long, stressful lines to pre-scheduled visits and appointments means your team is prepared and customers are more in control of their time.

Increase Safety

Dispersing the wait throughout your business—or even outside of it—optimizes your space and equips your team with the tools for socially distancing.

The Qtrac Platform

Let Qtrac manage the
queue for you

Eliminate lines with Virtual Queuing

Easily manage visitors plus gain insights into their needs prior to serving them.

Learn about virtual queuing

Manage capacity with Appointment Scheduling

Control and manage workload and occupancy to maximize efficiency.

Discover Qtrac appointment scheduling

Engage and connect with Mobile Queuing

Communicate directly with customers for the ultimate personalized experience.

View Qtrac mobile queuing

Gather insight with Reporting and Analytics

Easily uncover data to create efficiencies and new opportunities for growth.

Learn about Qtrac reporting

Future-proof with an agile Tech Stack

Ensure security and scalability with Qtrac’s robust SaaS system architecture.

Learn about Qtrac's technology

Ensure success with world-class Support

Qtrac's dedicated team of experts ensure a successful project.

Discover our world-class support

Get rid of long lines with Virtual Queuing

Eliminate customer frustration and improve brand loyalty.

Learn about virtual queuing

Skip the wait with Appointment Scheduling

Appointment reminders keep customers on time and reduce no-shows.

Discover Qtrac appointment scheduling

Enjoy the wait anywhere with Mobile Queuing

Wait-time notifications offer marketing and advertising opportunities.

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of consumers prefer shopping in-person when technology helps make the experience fun and engaging.


of consumers say technology can help solve pain points like long lines.


of customers will order something online to pick up in store so it is ready and waiting for them.

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