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Retail Queue Management
and Appointment Scheduling

Increase engagement, drive revenue, and deliver a remarkable customer experience. Qtrac’s retail queue management tools and insights give brands an edge in creating flawless customer journeys.

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Brand loyalty starts with an exceptional customer experience.

Improve Service

Understand your customer’s needs before they even arrive for service, leading to faster service times and increased conversions.

Get Personal

Qtrac is always on, collecting data that can be used to provide a more relevant, personalized customer experience.

Increase Engagement

Omnichannel touchpoints enable you to reach customers wherever they are, at the moment of peak interest.

Grow Sales

Customers are free to shop in your store while waiting for service. And Qtrac’s Personal Wait Screen can serve up tailored, data-driven marketing.

Boost Loyalty

Qtrac elevates the customer experience, creating faster service times, happier customers, and improved net promoter scores.

Promote Safety

Control store occupancy while promoting more personalized service through appointments and pre-scheduled visits.

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Use Cases

Qtrac improves service delivery throughout the retail environment

  • Service counters
  • In-Store Pharmacy
  • In-Store pickup
  • Curbside service
  • Return counters
  • Dressing rooms
Retail Spotlight:

In-Store and Curbside Pickup

For many retailers, the ability to offer in-store and curbside pickup is crucial to their very existence. For others, it’s another way to deliver remarkable customer experiences.

Whether looking to start a program or perfect an existing one, there are some tried and true best-practices to keep in mind.

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Flexible solutions to meet your business needs

Eliminate lines with Virtual Queuing

Easily manage visitors plus gain insights into their needs prior to serving them.

Learn about virtual queuing

Even out the day with Appointment Scheduling

Control and manage workload and occupancy to maximize efficiency.

Discover Qtrac appointment scheduling

Engage and connect with Mobile Queuing

Communicate directly with customers for the ultimate personalized experience.

View Qtrac mobile queuing

Gather insight with Reports and Analytics

Easily uncover data to create efficiencies and new opportunities for growth.

Learn about Qtrac reporting

Future-proof with an agile Tech Stack

Ensure security and scalability with Qtrac’s robust SaaS system architecture.

Learn about Qtrac's technology

Ensure success with world-class Support

Qtrac's dedicated team of experts ensure a successful project.

Discover our world-class support

Get rid of long lines with Virtual Queuing

Eliminate customer frustration and improve brand loyalty.

Learn about virtual queuing

Skip the wait with Appointment Scheduling

Appointment reminders keep customers on time and reduce no-shows.

Discover Qtrac appointment scheduling

Enjoy the wait anywhere with Mobile Queuing

Wait-time notifications offer marketing and advertising opportunities.

View Qtrac mobile queuing
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