Qtrac for Telecommunications

Improving the Customer Experience with a Virtual Queue Management System

Why Qtrac for Telecommunication Companies?

Brand loyalty starts with an exceptional customer experience.

Grow Sales

Customers are free to shop in your store while waiting for service. With Qtrac’s Personal Wait Screen, customers track their wait, allowing for a stress-free shopping experience.

Improve Service

Understand your customer’s needs before they even arrive for service, leading to faster service times and increased conversions.

Increase Engagement

Reach customers across digital channels, including mobile messaging and chat, to provide a seamless service experience.

Get Personal

Gain credibility with your customers by addressing their unique challenges and providing them with valuable insights around their specific needs.

Boost Loyalty

Provide customers with a transparent, timesaving, customer-focused method of waiting for service. An informative, hassle-free engagement will keep customers coming back.

Promote Safety

Control store occupancy while promoting more personalized service through appointments and pre-scheduled visits.

Use Cases

Qtrac improves service delivery through the store environment

  • Service Desks
  • New Customers
  • Bill Pay
  • Upgrades and Changes
  • In-Store Pick-up
  • Sales/Consultation

Become a Leader in Customer Experience

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