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Case Study

Ann Arbor Animal Hospital Uses Qtrac Virtual Queuing to Manage Patient Load

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An Overview

Ann Arbor Animal Hospital (AAAH) is a locally owned, full service veterinary clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The clinic provides routine primary veterinary care by walk-in seven days a week and emergency and critical care 24 hours a day for all veterinary emergencies.

As a walk-in practice, wait times have always been a reality for the clinic. While offering customers the convenience of same-day services, that convenience can be offset by the inconvenience of spending a lot of time waiting. Add to this, the ongoing restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the clinic was experiencing even longer wait times than usual, with an average of 50-70 appointments daily. The longer wait times were noticeably affecting customer satisfaction and the clinic realized it needed to take action.


The Challenge

AAAH saw a dramatic increase in patient flow resulting from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on local veterinary staffing. Safe social distancing protocols made it impossible for patients to wait inside the hospital, therefore some patients were waiting up to several hours in their cars. Ann Arbor Animal Hospital needed to easily organize patient appointments and prioritize as necessary, while more effectively communicating wait times.


The Solution

Queuing Expertise + Qtrac Functionality

AAAH decided on a virtual queuing solution that would provide both efficient appointment management and effective patient communication. They chose Lavi Industries because of the deep expertise of the Lavi team and the features of Lavi’s Qtrac technology.

Lavi: The Experts in Queue Management

A recognized leader in the field of queue management, Lavi brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. Because of this, Lavi stood apart from other providers of digital queuing technology. Listening to the operational and patient service needs of AAAH, Lavi asked the right questions and guided the Ann Arbor team through the process of configuring the system.

AAAH Qtrac Digital Waiting Line

Qtrac Digital Waiting Line:
Simple, Customizable, and Powerful

The Qtrac system from Lavi checked all of the boxes on the functional requirements AAAH identified. When patients need to schedule a routine or emergency appointment, they call the appointment center and provide information on the nature of the appointment. They are then added to the virtual queue. A confirmation text is sent to the patient, indicating their current place in line, along with a link to a webpage where they can track the number of patients ahead of them. This allows patients to wait for their appointment wherever they feel the most comfortable, including from home. When the patient is seventh in line for their appointment, they receive a text notification, as well as another text notification when they are fourth in line – letting them know it is time to drive to the hospital and begin check-in.

On the administration side, Ann Arbor employees are able to see their incoming caseload on the Qtrac dashboard, along with information regarding the severity of the patient. Employees are able to prioritize emergency visits, and patient appointment information can be filtered and analyzed for efficiency. With no hardware or software to install, employees are able to access their virtual queue from several locations in the hospital, making it easier to manage patient flow. Easy customization allows the technology to grow with the hospital as needed.

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