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Case Study

Brightridge Upgrades Their Customer Journey


Brightridge is a publicly-owned utility providing broadband and electricity services to local residents of Johnson City, Tennessee. Brightridge adopted Qtrac virtual queuing in 2016 after leaving a competitor’s system, which was plagued by uptime performance and service issues.

In early 2020, as the world was dealing with a spreading pandemic, Brightridge realized it needed to modify its walk-in virtual queuing process, which relied on an in-person kiosk and ticketing system. They needed a safer, contactless process for checking in and waiting for service.

As a long-time Qtrac customer, Brightridge was already familiar with available options on the Qtrac platform and knew the Qtrac team would provide the service and support for a smooth and quick rollout of a mobile queuing option.


The Qtrac team sprang into action and worked closely with Brightridge to identify all aspects of the new customer journey. Configuring mobile queuing meant that customers could now scan a QR code posted near the entrance to add themselves to a queue. Customers could also text their name to check into a queue. Both avenues provide a safe, contactless experience.

Customers then wait in the comfort and safety of their cars and are texted when it’s their turn. Customers without smartphones still walk into the lobby and add themselves to a queue using the ticketing Kiosk. Those customers then follow their wait on screens posted in the lobby.

Mobile queued customers track their wait on their own personal “Wait Screen” from their phones. They view their place in line and are able to ask for more time if needed. The freedom of mobile queuing allows customers to use their wait time however they like, reducing perceived wait times and increasing satisfaction.

To help Brightridge better understand their customers’ experience, Qtrac Surveys were added to the customer journey. Upon completion of service, customers are sent a text message with a survey link. They are then given the option to rate and comment on their service experience. This helps Brightridge directly address customer concerns and helps them regularly improve the service experience.

The re-configuration of Brightridge’s Qtrac system, along with a comprehensive training and customer adoption program took about a week. “I appreciate the dedication you and your team have to serving your customers. As someone in the Customer Service industry, I recognize and value those who seek to not just meet but exceed expectations. I have truly enjoyed working with all the folks at Lavi and look forward to working and growing with you all in the years to come,” said Tiphanie Watson, Customer Support Manager, Brightridge.

Why Qtrac?

  • Software uptime and reliability
  • Responsive project team
  • Easy implementation
  • Comprehensive training and support


Brightridge sculpture


Create a mobile queuing option for walk-ins and appointment check-ins to keep customers safely social distanced while waiting for service

Implement quickly to meet new health & safety protocols

Gain insight and visibility into service demand to better allocate service resources

Survey customers to better understand and improve the service experience

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