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Case Study

Bullitt County Clerk’s Office


The Bullitt County Clerk’s Office serves the residents of this north-central Kentucky county 7 days a week, offering a range of services such as real estate recordings, marriage licenses, voter registration, and motor vehicles. The Clerk’s Office serves more than 4,200 residents each month from their small Annex next to the historic County Courthouse.


Long waits and long lines had historically plagued the County Clerk’s Operations staff. Their small offices quickly became overloaded as lines snaked through the space during busy periods. Add to that the onset of COVID-19, and they were eager to find a solution to disperse crowds, reduce wait times, and increase customer and employee satisfaction and safety.


Qtrac’s virtual queue management platform fit Bullitt County Clerk’s Office needs right out of the box. Offering Mobile Queuing would allow the Clerk’s Office to meet every one of its goals.

The software’s flexible admin panel enabled the Qtrac team to quickly configure offered services, branded interfaces, and SMS communications. Working closely with the Qtrac project team, all details of the configuration were addressed—from adjusting service hours to prevent customers from adding themselves to a queue when the office was closed, to determining how many messages a non-responsive customer is sent before being requeued or removed from service.

Within a week, the Qtrac project team had configured the software, conducted interactive training with the Clerk’s Office staff, and implemented the solution. Almost 300 customers a day began adding themselves to service queues by scanning a QR code at the office entrance or by texting their name to the Clerk’s Office. Instead of waiting inside, customers now wait anywhere they’d like, such as the safety of their car or just relaxing at the Coffee Shop next door. And customer satisfaction has soared.

The Clerk’s Office staff has a direct line of communication to its customers and can answer questions and verify required documents prior to service, creating efficiencies that help reduce service times. The management team has real-time visibility into wait times and service demand that allow it to adjust service capacity as needed, helping to reduce wait times.

Why Qtrac?

  • Quick answers and solutions
  • Responsive project team
  • Easy implementation
  • Quick training


Bullit Count Clerk's Office


Implement a solution quickly to allow them to continue serving residents during the pandemic

Eliminate physical waiting lines and disperse crowds to meet new health & safety protocols

Reduce customer wait times and improve the service experience

Gain insight and visibility into wait times and service demand to better accommodate customer needs

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