Qtrac for Government Agencies

Improving the Customer Experience with a Virtual Queue Management System

Why Qtrac for Your Government Agency?


Local, state, and federal government agencies use Qtrac’s queue management system for an exceptional customer service experience. Properly route the customer to the correct agent, inform customers where they are in line, and process customer requests quicker and more efficiently.

Virtual queues increase efficiency and streamline processes for residents, visitors, and public service employees while keeping safety at the forefront.

Self or Assisted Check-in

Check in using QR code, SMS, WhatsApp, on-site tablet or kiosk, Greeter and more.

Qtrac’s queue management system provides browser-based access for customers and staff — no apps necessary.

Increase Resident Engagement

Qtrac’s engagement tools, such as personalized wait screens and two-way SMS, provide opportunities and tailored messaging for your agency.

Get Personal

Take advantage of valuable insights about your residents and constituents to personalize their experience and provide meaningful engagement opportunities.

Government Agencies

Qtrac provides the federal government and other public sector customers with queue management technology solutions through Contract #47QSMA22D08P4.

If you are a GSA enabled agency or company, we can provide significant cost savings with government contract pricing.


Use Cases

Qtrac improves service delivery throughout for all in-person agencies

  • Employment Offices
  • Social Security Offices
  • Departments of Motor Vehicles
  • Public Hearings and Board Meetings
  • Social Services Offices
  • Criminal Justice Services
  • Tax Collection Offices
  • Departments of Public Works
  • County Clerk Offices

"It is a WIN-WIN system for a DMV!"

“The Virtual Queue software elevated the customer service level in our office by removing a lobby of customers stuck waiting for their turn. The freedom the Virtual Queue provides our customers makes the visit to the DMV more pleasant.

Customers register with the queue and then based on their line position will have the ability to run other errands, get a coffee or bite to eat and are no longer forced to sit in a lobby for unforseen times.

This system alleviates stress on our customers which in return alleviates stress on our employees.”

Actual DMV Reviewer

City of Pompano Beach FL
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US Air Force
Orange County CA
Williamson County TX
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