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Contractor Badging

Contractor Badging

Streamline efficiency and improve security with Qtrac.

employee wearing scannable contractor badge

A Better Way to Manage Contracted Employees and Visiting Vendors

Qtrac’s virtual queue management platform takes the hassle out of the badging process. How it works is simple:

  • Contractors scan a QR code upon arriving at the badging office or checkpoint.
  • The system keeps track of the queue and sends alerts to contractors’ smartphones when their turn comes up to be admitted.
  • After checking in, first-time users can provide more information about themselves, which the system uses to prioritize the queue based on your preferences and settings.
  • Once they’re in the system, contractors simply need to check in again—the platform has all their information and will prioritize them accordingly.

Benefits of Contractor Badging with Qtrac


Badging operations aren’t wasting resources trying to manage a crowd of contractors waiting to be admitted. That saves time for you and the vendors coming on-site.


With fewer people milling about the waiting area, the odds of someone getting through decrease. Your employees can focus on the contractor in front of them instead of dozens of fidgety people waiting.


While they wait to be admitted, contractors don’t need to be stuck in a line or a waiting area. They can step outside, go get coffee, or do anything else they want—knowing they’ll get updated wait times and an alert when their turn is approaching on their smartphones.

Contractor Badging at Airports

Airports rely on contracted employees to operate. They also need to maintain the highest level of security while avoiding badging bottlenecks.

Contractor badging from Qtrac ensures that vendors and other visitors efficiently get where they need to be—to serve passengers, airport employees, and operations—without sacrificing safety.

The vendors in your airport can also use virtual appointment scheduling so that job applicants know where to go and how to check in. The badging office doesn’t seem so daunting, and visitors are less likely to get lost.

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Contractor Badging at Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Managing the permanent workforce at your retail warehouse or distribution center is already a challenge. Managing the contractors visiting your facility piles onto that challenge. Contractor badging with Qtrac can help.

Our platform allows you to seamlessly check in visitors who come through your badging office—from contracted delivery drivers picking up items to vendors performing repairs on your equipment to maintenance crews sweeping the floors of your facility.

Contractor Badging for Government

Government facilities may vary by size and function, but one thing most have in common is that they don’t want unauthorized people wandering around. Qtrac’s contractor badging platform enhances security while empowering your team to efficiently manage visitors coming in and out.

With Qtrac, you’ll be able to track every contractor coming through your checkpoint and the reasons they’re on-site. Over time, you’ll be able to identify your busiest badging periods and staff accordingly.

Unlock the Potential of Contractor Badging

Contractor badging with Qtrac makes your life easier and provides a better experience to the vendors who are crucial to your operation’s success. Some features and benefits of our platform include:

Ease of Use

Implementing and configuring contractor badging with Qtrac is simple, not requiring advanced IT skills or a custom tech stack. The system is also easy to use for contractors, who simply need to scan a QR code and then check their phones for notifications.

Management Controls

Configure the system to your unique needs, and adjust when your needs change. Our platform is fully scalable, so when your operation grows, we can grow along with you.

Data and Analytics

Digital queue management seamlessly compiles data that contractor badging offices often find difficult to gather by themselves. Generate custom reports to show the characteristics of the vendors passing through, and use that information to improve your operation.

First-Class Support

Your office doesn’t get a break, so we don’t either. Our commitment to supporting our clients includes 24/7 system monitoring, a live phone and email helpdesk, and training resources.

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