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How Visitor Management Systems Help Call Centers Manage Customers

by Qtrac

We’ve all experienced the frustration of waiting on hold for what feels like forever. Depending on your career background, you may even be familiar with the exhausting reality of being on the other end of a seemingly never-ending queue of callers on hold. The right visitor management system can significantly improve these conditions for both the caller and the representative.

Chaotic call centers and other bustling businesses in the telecommunication (“telecom”) space need a more efficient way to manage queuing and customer flow. Traditional visitor tracking solutions for telecom companies don’t address many of the modern challenges these businesses face, including:

  • Inability to pre-register guests
  • Inefficient check-in processes
  • Lack of flexibility when integrating systems
  • Data redundancy
  • Inadequate data security and storage
  • Subpar employee engagement
  • Analog transactions

Implementing a telecom visitor management system (VMS) effectively addresses these pain points, leading to improved experiences for staff members and customers alike.

Advantages of Visitor Management Systems

Which visitor management system is best for your organization will depend on your bottom line and specific business objectives. In general, the advanced software is intended to ultimately optimize and grow telecom companies like yours by aligning internal processes with organizational goals. VMS and similar flow management technology achieve this through a unique combination of the following capabilities:

Accurate Data Collection

Ensure data accuracy with Qtrac’s precise visitor registration process, which seamlessly captures important information from callers to eliminate errors and enhance customer profiling for personalized interactions. For example, call center visitor registration software can help bridge language gaps by preemptively requesting the customer’s language preference, which would then customize the interface by translating content as needed.

Performance Insights

Digital visitor management systems allow leadership teams to gain valuable insights into call center performance through data analytics. These metrics can reveal weak spots in overall strategy or pinpoint particular problem areas and inefficiencies. With a better understanding of what needs attention, managers and supervisors can accurately course-correct and optimize training regimens to help employees where they need it the most.

Real-Time Updates and Reporting

Efficient visitor management software keeps visitor information up to date by leveraging real-time data synchronization. This capability allows for unified access to the most current visitor data for informed decision-making. Visitor management systems from Qtrac also gather and develop comprehensive reports to track visitor metrics and key performance indicators. These visitor tracking and reporting solutions for call centers provide businesses with data-driven insights so they can make strategic decisions and improvements where necessary.

Automated Notifications

Automating digital notifications using a visitor management system can improve communication and reduce missed appointments. Notifications are sent directly to the user’s device, keeping them informed of their position in the queue. Furthermore, these alerts ensure consistent, timely reminders and follow-ups for exceptional customer service.

Streamlined Check-Ins

The right visitor check-in system for telecom offices lets users check in and manage appointments on their own devices at their convenience. This capability gives customers more control over their experience with a business, which encourages consistently positive interactions. Customers are more comfortable using hardware they’re familiar with, and the technology shortens wait times for everyone.

Why Cloud-Based Visitor Management Systems for Telecom Companies?

Digital, web-hosted VMSs are the future of customer flow management. The easy-to-use software organizes and optimizes operations using an integrated system that maintains good data hygiene and protects privacy. The on-demand availability and computing power of a VMS helps facilitate:

Improved Data Security

Antiquated handwritten call logs and client records don’t just make filing and archiving a pain; this system also compromises privacy, potentially putting sensitive information at risk. A visitor management system gives telecom companies a secure central database of important personal information, complete with controlled access. Digitizing logbooks makes referencing and searching for specific fields easier while keeping that data safe.

Access to Direct Feedback

These management systems offer call centers and other telecom companies the option to collect customer feedback directly from their visitors via post-service surveys. The prompts can be fully customized to gather relevant suggestions and comments from guests so you can identify specific issues that need addressing.

Regulation Compliance

Industries subject to strict regulations, such as government and healthcare, must comply with numerous rules that may impact the functionality of visitor management software. Thankfully, Qtrac’s software captures a comprehensive digital record of all visitor interactions in case of audits or other compliance-related enforcement.

Case Study Recap: UScellular

UScellular is a Chicago-based purveyor of award-winning telecommunication services and products. Its leadership team needed an innovative way to balance organizational growth with its dedication to exceptional customer service.

The Problem and Opportunity

With 4,800 employees working at maximum capacity, misaligned processes and lack of visibility exacerbated stress on staff, putting customer satisfaction and productivity at risk. To mitigate this issue, UScellular required a system that could adequately manage data while encouraging more thoughtful in-person office visits. To expand bandwidth and enable future growth, UScellular needed to elevate its customer queuing system from traditional pen-and-paper to something much more efficient.

By creating and implementing a formal VMS, Qtrac technology would allow the company to abandon its analog appointment trackers and, instead, benefit from a low-maintenance digital queuing system.

The Solution and Results

Qtrac’s team helped ensure UScellular’s new system was easy to install, and Qtrac representatives facilitated installation and in-depth training to ensure everything was set up for success. Once they tried out their new administrative dashboards, the UScellular team was quickly on board. Eventually, after careful consideration, Qtrac and UScellular decided to implement a new virtual queuing system at all locations.

Naturally, after setting up the new queuing system, Qtrac checked back in periodically to see whether the virtual queue continued to meet UScellular’s expectations. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and reflected the following achievements:

  • Qtrac gave UScellular visibility into customer needs and wait times, allowing customers to better communicate their needs.
  • Visitors can book appointments with just a few taps on their devices instead of calling the store.
  • The UScellular team feels less frenzied and has more freedom to concentrate on value-adding activities.
  • Should someone at UScellular experience a queue management issue, Qtrac is available for troubleshooting and technical support.

“Qtrac has been a good vendor who has supported our needs over the last five years. The turnaround time to resolution or request is typically quite quick.” —UScellular Representative

Call Center Customer Management Made Easy

Perhaps your telecom organization encounters many of the same issues as UScellular, or you work for a call center that’s struggling to keep up with demand. If so, it’s likely time for a visitor management overhaul facilitated by the experts at Qtrac. By working collaboratively with your team to rethink your approach to managing customer flow and call volume, we can create more positive interactions that benefit everyone.

If you’re looking to increase sales and customer satisfaction for your telecom brand without uprooting operations, reach out to the Qtrac team today to discuss getting started with your new management system.

Read the UScellular Case Study

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