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5 Qtrac Queuing Solution Features for Your Business Needs

by Qtrac

Qtrac Queuing Solution Features for Your Business Needs

Electronic queuing solutions improve the customer journey and may even reduce average wait times. These benefits on their own are enough to recommend a queuing system, but the Qtrac queue management platform can also help increase sales, serve more customers, boost employee morale, and transform your organization’s operations.

virtually queue management

Impactful features make all the difference when choosing a virtual queuing solution. Here are five features of the Qtrac platform that can serve the needs of your business:

1. Digital Check-In

For queuing solutions to be effective, customers need to be able to easily enter the digital queue. That sounds like a no-brainer, but the problem is real—if customers continually require employees’ help to use the system, the efficiency you’re hoping to gain might not be realized.

With Qtrac, businesses can set the system to allow customers to scan a QR code, send a text message, or check in at a digital kiosk to enter the queue or book an appointment. Not only is the process easy, but it also eliminates the sight of a long line that might stress out customers. The strategy keeps the area around the service counter clear, thus improving traffic flow and freeing up space for merchandise and sales displays.

(For the occasional customer who may struggle checking in, Qtrac’s queue management system is streamlined enough that employees can manually and quickly check them in.)

2. Digital Notifications

A virtual queuing system relies on notifications sent to smartphones to tell customers when their turn in line arrives. However, if that’s the only notification people receive, the customer experience doesn’t improve much because customers will feel like they must stay nearby.

Qtrac’s notification capabilities ensure you offer something much more dynamic than a pick-a-number system. You can communicate with customers in the queue about:

  • Place in line
  • Number of people ahead of them
  • Expected wait time, either by minutes remaining or the estimated time when it will be a customer’s turn in the queue
  • Any delays that occur
  • The service the customer needs
  • Special requests the customer might have

Our robust, customizable notifications improve the experience in two ways. First, customers enjoy much more freedom than if they were waiting in a physical queue or waiting area. They can shop, get a cup of coffee, go for a stroll, or do anything else they want—all the while knowing their status in the queue.

Second, customer-employee interactions begin before the point of service occurs. Employees understand what customers need and can provide better service. And when customers reach the front of the line, they feel more confident that their needs will be met, and it takes less time to get through the interaction.

3. Digital Offers

The Qtrac queue management system offers a unique feature that turns a customer wait into an opportunity to increase front-line revenue. While people are in the virtual queue, you can send valuable offers, coupons, information about current or upcoming sales, news about your organization, and any other promotions you want directly to customers’ smartphones.

These digital offers you send can be tailored to the customer, the season, the nature of the wait, and more. For example, if a wait is unusually long on a certain day, you can send a notification that says: “We know you’ve been waiting a while; here’s a coupon for 10 percent off for your patience!” Is your business’s coffee kiosk featuring a new drink? Encourage customers to give it a try, either with a coupon or simply a digital ad.

This feature not only helps customers pass the time and keeps them connected but also provides a sense of value they wouldn’t get if they weren’t connected to the virtual queue. And once they’re in the system, you can keep sending offers to customers’ phones even after they complete their visits.

4. Comprehensive Reporting Data

Queuing solutions produce data that reveals important insights into your operations—and not just about wait times. How many customers came through your doors on a certain day? What services did they most request? Did you have enough employees to handle the rush?

This kind of reporting—some of which can be viewed in real time—is invaluable to businesses, but it often is expensive and difficult to secure. With Qtrac, it’s a perk that can be painlessly and economically added to the system. We make pulling these reports simple so that with a few clicks, you have the data you need to improve your operation.

5. Ease of Use

Qtrac is intended to be user-friendly for customers—otherwise, they wouldn’t use the system. However, ease of use is also important for your staff so that they can make the most of the queuing solution and achieve the efficiency you’re seeking. Our user experience features include:

  • A streamlined setup that doesn’t require advanced IT knowledge to implement
  • Robust configuration options to customize a virtual queue that works for your operation and your customers
  • Integration capabilities that let you connect Qtrac to other solutions, including CRM and sales reporting platforms
  • An intuitive interface that allows employees to set up workflows, make changes, and send notifications without any fuss
  • Unparalleled support so that if you do have a problem, we’re available to help

If all these features sound good, wait until you see them in action. Request a demo to find out more.

virtually queue management

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