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How to Increase Sales in Your Telecom Company with Qtrac

Even in an increasingly digital world, the retail store is an important part of the channel mix for Telecom. Its role in building customer relationships and offering specialist help and set-up is important in driving revenue goals. Providing a personalized, omni-channel customer experience is key to their success.

Qtrac’s Telecom customers are leveraging appointment scheduling to increase engagement, uncover customer intent, and provide additional cross sell and upsell opportunities.

Optimizing store staff through appointment scheduling and understanding the needs of customers prior to service aids in the efficient utilization of service team members, provides insight to high-value customers, and enables a more tailored interaction leading to increased conversions.

Two-way communication between customer and staff, before the visit, enables a personalized customer engagement that strengthens the relationship and provides a “digital lasso” around a potentially wandering-eyed customer.

How to Increase Sales in Your Telecom Company with Qtrac

Here’s 3 ways Qtrac Virtual Queuing & Appointment Scheduling Software is helping Telecoms grow sales:

  1. Optimizing the sales funnel
    By enabling customers to take action at the peak of their interest, 24/7, they’re more inclined to act, driving engagement and conversions.
  2. Creating a tailored experience
    The booking process is an effective way to collect customer data that enables a more personalized, relevant, and meaningful experience.
  3. Personalized marketing, automated
    Customer touchpoints such as email confirmations, SMS reminders, and even check-in kiosks can serve up relevant, data-driven marketing.
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