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5 Reasons Why Qtrac Is the Perfect Solution for Your Mobile Queueing Needs

by Qtrac

Anyone who waits in a line is part of a queue, from standing in a physical line at the grocery store to being on hold when they call a contact center. The wait experience itself is what really matters.

Customers who are happy with their queue experience tend to buy more and more often. Employees benefit from an efficient queue system as well; they are productive even on the busiest days and feel more in control of their workday. One way to improve queuing efficiency is to implement mobile queuing.

What Is Mobile Queuing?

We spend so much time on our phones, it just makes sense to reach your customers there. Mobile queuing takes advantage of the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones and delivers a personalized experience.

When customers need to visit a location, they check in remotely on their phone, tablet, or laptop. During the check-in process, queuing software asks them a series of questions, and their answers give businesses the opportunity to market directly to the individual for the products and services they already use, want, or need. After their transaction or appointment is complete, you can continue sending them promos and offers specific to the individual.

Imagine needing customer service and not having to wait in a line. After checking in to the mobile queuing system, customers are free to wait anywhere. Real-time updates delivered via SMS messaging or email give them options. They can relax at home, enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee at their favorite coffee shop, or even browse your store where they are likely to ring up impulse buys they wouldn’t otherwise consider.

Advantages of Mobile Queuing

There are many advantages of mobile queuing, including:

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customers who have more control over their time and retain the perception of a shorter wait because they can choose where they wait often return higher satisfaction scores. They also leave reviews on your website and with third-party apps such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. With so many purchase decisions made based on star ratings and customer comments, positive reviews are valuable currency.

Empowered Workers

The customer experience doesn’t just apply to the people who need your products or services. Your staff should also be considered customers, albeit internal ones.

Mobile queuing gives employees a heads-up about what customers will need when they arrive for service, so they know what to expect during their shift. For example, if someone with a disability checks into the software, workers will know before that person arrives and can make any adjustments necessary.

Being prepared gives workers the confidence to deliver on your brand promise with every interaction and makes them feel a semblance of control over their day.

Operational Efficiency

Mobile queuing goes a long way in making a positive impact on your customer experience, and it improves business operations and performance.

A centralized dashboard gives managers a bird’s-eye view that can be accessed from any device. Historical and real-time data allow managers to map customer traffic patterns so they can staff appropriately or move workers on the fly to areas that need more support.

A good mobile queue solution will also integrate seamlessly with any systems and platforms you’re already using. This flexibility also applies to the system adapting to changing business needs instead of the other way around.

What Is the Qtrac Difference?

Qtrac doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we ask questions that get to the heart of your offer, your ideal customer, and how your organization is poised to grow. From there, we deliver the exact software you need to serve customers more effectively and run your business more efficiently.

Dedicated Project Management

Qtrac won’t just sell you a software solution, provide training, and move on to the next customer. Instead, you’ll have a dedicated team working with you and your employees to fully implement and integrate the system. They’ll help configure the software to fit your unique business case so you have everything you need on your dashboard, reports that feature the data necessary to achieve your goals, comprehensive training, and ongoing support.

We think of you as a partner, and we are in it with you for the long haul. Our relationship with you is the cornerstone of your success and ours.

Four Decades of Experience

You should have a mobile queuing solution that delivers on your brand promise. Qtrac has more than 40 years of experience in the queuing industry, thinking about queuing from every angle so you don’t have to. We put the power of technology to work to make queuing a pleasant experience.

5 Reasons Why Qtrac Is the Perfect Mobile Queuing Solution

Implementing a virtual queue solution with Qtrac puts the power of data-driven decision-making at your fingertips. Through a centralized dashboard, managers and supervisors can access historical and real-time insights to better understand customer traffic patterns, address staff needs, and evaluate employee performance. Not only can a mobile queue improve the customer experience, but it also improves the employee experience. Here are five ways Qtrac can improve your operations:

1. Eliminate lines.

Despite experiencing the world and conducting most business from our phones, some people still prefer to do their banking in person. But without mobile queuing, visits to wealth managers and personal bankers to take out a loan or open a safety deposit box can mean spending too much time in the lobby of banks and financial institutions.

A mobile queue solution reduces crowds in lobbies and gives both patrons and bank employees more control over their days. Customers know when to arrive to conduct their personal or business banking, and staff knows what services will be needed so they can prepare documents, brochures, and other items before someone is seated in front of them.

2. Grow sales.

The retail market is highly competitive, and success hinges on positive customer experiences—which are fueled in large part by not having to wait long for assistance. If someone feels like they’re waiting more than a couple of minutes for an employee to help them, there is a very real possibility they’ll take their business elsewhere.

In contrast, mobile queuing combines a positive online experience and an efficient transaction process for a more satisfied customer. Happy customers tend to buy more and buy more often. They also help with word-of-mouth marketing by telling their family and friends about their great experience with your business, which keeps the flywheel turning.

3. Improve service.

Visiting a U.S. post office around the holidays can be a nightmare. People are mailing and picking up packages, buying stamps, and retrieving mail that was held while they were on vacation. Lines can snake around the counter and out the door, making for a most unpleasant wait experience.

A mobile queuing solution would alleviate this annual frustration with remote check-in, estimated wait times for various services, and real-time updates. Employees could serve people faster, staffing would be commensurate with demand, and the agency could redeem its reputation.

4. Understand your customers.

Decisions that improve the customer experience and drive businesses forward are based on data gleaned from a variety of sources. Reports from mobile queue software help you better understand the wants, needs, and preferences of your customer like you never have before.

Insights are based on how customers interact with the software as well as how they answer survey questions to gauge their satisfaction with recent service and their purchasing experience. You’ll know right away if promos, offers, and content based on their preferences resonate with them or if you need to try a different approach.

5. Elevate the customer experience.

Mobile queuing can make your customers feel like you value their time and validate their decision to do business with you, which keeps them coming back. Employees deliver more personalized service and are better prepared to complete transactions more quickly without anyone feeling rushed. Customers can wait anywhere, and because real-time updates create the perception of a shorter wait time, they feel more in control.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Customer Wait Experience?

We’ve been helping organizations of all kinds improve their queuing experiences for more than 40 years—and we’re ready to help you, too. Start your mobile queuing experience with a Self-Guided or Expert-Lead Qtrac demo and see for yourself how we can improve your customer wait experience.

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