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Qtrac Partners with DPM Inc. to Bring Advanced Customer Experience Technology to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Article Publish Date: April 23, 2024

Qtrac®, a world-leading provider of queue management and appointment scheduling systems, today announced a partnership with Diversified Purchasing Management Inc. (DPM) that seeks to expand the company’s global footprint into Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The partnership will focus on delivering technology to businesses in these markets that have high amounts of foot traffic and customer interactions.

“DPM’s in-depth understanding of the Puerto Rican and Caribbean markets will be invaluable for Qtrac in terms of navigating local regulations, cultures, and business practices,” said Qtrac’s strategic partnership director, Lorenzo Brizzi. “In addition, we are excited by the opportunities this collaboration will bring in terms of fostering product innovation and enhancing our ability to provide excellent customer support to these markets.”

Sectors expected to benefit most from this partnership include:

  • Retail: These would include stores of all sizes, from small local shops to large retail chains, which require efficient customer flow management to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers can benefit from queue management solutions to reduce wait times and improve the patient experience.
  • Telecommunications: Service centers for telecom companies often experience high volumes of customers and could use these solutions to manage queues more effectively.
  • Banking and financial institutions: Banks and other financial service providers need to manage customer wait times and improve service efficiency.
  • Public sector: Government agencies that serve the public directly could use these solutions to streamline their operations and improve citizen interactions.
  • Transportation: Airports, bus stations, and other transportation hubs that manage large numbers of passengers could enhance customer satisfaction with better queuing solutions.

“Qtrac brings extensive experience in queue management, offering a technology platform that enhances customer experience by making queuing safe, quick and enjoyable,” said DPM’s vice president of sales, John Aulet. “This partnership is poised to provide solutions that reduce wait times, optimize staff allocation, improve transaction speeds and enhance the overall customer journey.”

For more information on Qtrac’s solutions, visit https://qtrac.com/.

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