Qtrac for Auto Dealerships

Improve the Customer Experience with Virtual Queuing and Appointment Scheduling

Why Qtrac for Auto Dealerships?

Guest loyalty starts with an exceptional customer experience.

Get Personal

Qtrac is always on, collecting data that can be used to provide a more relevant, personalized customer experience.

Increase Engagement

Omnichannel touchpoints enable you to reach customers wherever they are, at the moment of peak interest.

Boost Loyalty

Qtrac elevates the customer experience, creating faster service times and happier customers.

Minimize Crowds

Reduce the costs associated with managing large crowds while fostering a more enjoyable customer experience.

Improve Service

Qtrac’s notification tools enable targeted or broad communication to customers regarding upcoming appointments or announcements.

Track Valuable Data

With appointment scheduling, customers can preschedule appointments, allowing you to capture data to better understand when and how to staff for specific services.

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Use Cases

Qtrac Improves Service Delivery Throughout the Customer Journey

  • Test-drive appointment scheduling 
  • Service department—check-in
  • Service department—consultations and car pickup
  • Finance department 
  • Parts department 
  • Car rentals

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What are people saying about Qtrac?

“The Virtual Queue software elevated the customer service level in our office by removing a lobby of customers stuck waiting for their turn …” ~ Dana A.

“Qtrac is simple and easy to use for both user and customer! Their attention to detail, prompt responses, thorough vetting was perfect and a breath of fresh air! I’ve been in many collaborations in my time, and this project has been the best!” ~ Melissa S.

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