Welcome to the Virtual Queue

Oh, hey! Hello.

Welcome to the virtual queue. 

How did you get here and what’s a virtual queue, you ask?

Let us explain.

What is Virtual Queueing?

When you just checked in for service on your phone, tablet, or computer, you started interacting with virtual queuing software, also known as digital queuing software, SMS queuing, appointment scheduling, or a queue management system. A variety of different names, all with the same intention.

What you’re experiencing now could be the manner in which your customers wait, too. Imagine the possibilities.

Kidding. You don’t have to imagine; we’ll walk you through it.

What Makes Virtual Queueing So Awesome?

At its core, a virtual queue (like you’re in now), is a way for customers to know their position in line without having to stand in a physical queue. It’s designed to make your wait easier, route you to the next appropriate team member, and to proactively know what your needs are before you get in front of a staff member.

Whenever we need service, we expect to wait in line. How we wait can make all the difference between a positive experience and a negative one. As the customer awaiting your turn, the digital queue solution you’re using right now helps reduce your wait time, eliminates the need for you to wait in a physical line, moves you through your transaction more quickly, and improves your overall customer experience.

The questions you answered during check-in informed associates about what you need, so when you arrive at your destination for service, representatives will be prepared to help you. In the meantime, you’re free to wait wherever is most comfortable or fits your schedule and receive updates about your wait time. 

The Business Case for Virtual Queuing

Scheduling appointments and handling walk-ins becomes easy.

When your customers look online at a calendar of available dates and times for service or walk in to see real-time wait times, you give them the power to choose what fits best with their schedule. In addition, implementing virtual queuing or appointment scheduling gives your staff more control over their day and how they perform their duties. They are empowered to deliver top-notch service and feel productive instead of hectic, even during peak demand times.

Centralize operations management.

Take the guesswork out of operations, including managing staff schedules. The digital queue platform is accessible from any device anywhere at any time, so team leaders can assign associates to the areas they’re needed most and continue moving them around as needed to meet customer demand.

Increase revenue.

Have you received promotions while you’re waiting that seem tailor-made for you? Your interactions with the virtual queue platform inform your experience from start to finish and beyond. Customers who experience a positive wait in a digital queue buy more and buy more often. Businesses understand your interests, so they deliver appropriate offers for products and services you already use, need, or want.

Access insightful reports and analytics.

We live in a digital age, and data drives businesses forward. Yours shouldn’t be any different. Metrics and data help you better understand your customers’ behavior, analyze employee performance, and continually improve the customer experience.

Enjoy customization options and easy integrations.

Qtrac’s virtual queue solution is fully scalable and adaptable to your business needs instead of the other way around. If you expand to additional locations, for example, your digital solution also expands without interruption. No one system can do it all. Qtrac’s software integrates easily with programs, platforms, and APIs you’re already using to share data in real time and ensure the best customer or user experience.

Improve accessibility.

Qtrac’s virtual queue management system improves accessibility for customers of all levels of physical ability by making content generally accessible for everyone with assistive software and multilingual support.

Change the Way You Do Business

If you’d like to explore how a virtual queue or appointment scheduling solution can have a positive impact on your business, including your bottom line, check out our self-guided videos. Or, if you’d rather talk to a virtual queuing expert, fill out the expert-led demo form and one of our queuing experts will reach out to schedule time with you.

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