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Humane Society’s Switch To Virtual Queuing

by Qtrac

Chris Thompson from the Humane Society of Broward County joins Qtrac’s Katia Colwell to discuss how Qtrac has transformed their day to day experience. As an IT team member, Chris is able to offer his unique view on how easy it was to set up Qtrac from a technical perspective.

Also discussed is how Qtrac was tailored to fit the exact needs of the Humane Society with being able to direct Spanish speaking customers to the correct department without delay. Virtual queuing truly is adaptable to any company and you may be surprised how it can fit into your business’ needs.

Chris also talks about how great the customer service for Qtrac is, and we are quite proud of our team for providing timely help to all our customers. Watch the video above for more detail on how virtual queuing can help your business.

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