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Carrier Enterprise Puts People First with Qtrac

by Qtrac

Carrier Enterprise’s Melissa Silva joins us to discuss how virtual queuing has affected their businesses. Carrier Enterprise is the largest HVAC distribution network in North America and serves a diverse client base from contractors, homeowners, businesses, and more. With their customers all having such different needs, they needed a virtual queue system that could fill all those needs. Carrier implemented Qtrac virtual queuing across several locations and hasn’t looked back since.

After a short learning period for the staff, Carrier was quick to introduce the technology for their customer base. This has been crucial in helping get their customers to the correct department as the customer themselves are able to say what they are looking for and Qtrac can pass them along to wherever they need to be.

And if Carrier has any questions regarding Qtrac, Melissa talks above about just how quick the customer service team is to get back to them. Melissa mentioned that Carrier Enterprise looked into several virtual queuing solutions, and Qtrac was able to win out thanks to our customer service and easy to use system. Find out more by watching the video now!

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