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Top Jamaican Bank Switches to Qtrac

by Qtrac

NCB’s Sharon D. Williams, Head of  Group Client Experience, sits down for a brief chat with Steve Covate, Vice President of Sales with Qtrac. In this short interview, we discuss and learn about:

  • What the key goals of Sharon’s role are.
  • Why NCB was considering virtual queuing and appointment scheduling.
  • How Qtrac has changed both NCB’s customer experience and has benefitted the staff.
  • What the implementation experience with Qtrac was like and if there were any challenges NCB was concerned with.

NCB went into the project with customer experience and satisfaction at the top of their priority list. Introducing new technologies at any sector of your business can be intimidating, especially when the queue is so closely tied to customer experience, but as discussed in the video Qtrac made the process seamless. If you’re on the fence of switching to virtual queuing, watch the video and see how easy it can be!

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