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How to Call a Customer from the Virtual Waitlist

by Qtrac

Learn an easy way to call a customer from the virtual waitlist. Our quick video tutorial will have you engaging with customers in no time at all.

Video transcript:

Hello and welcome to the Qtrac master class. Let’s learn how to call a customer from the virtual waitlist on the queue management dashboard.

Calling from the virtual waitlist:

  1. You will login to the provided URL and enter your credentials.
  2. Once logged in, click on the link labeled with your name under the “Station” section.
  3. Click the “Available” button and you will see all customers in the virtual waitlist.
  4. The easiest way for you to call the next customer in line is to click on the “Next” button.
  5. This will send a text message to the next customer on the virtual waitlist telling them that it is their turn and to proceed inside the store.
  6. When the customer arrives, press the “Start Service” button, and when they leave, press the “End Service” button.
  7. That’s it! You can click “Next” again and repeat the process with the next customer in the virtual queue!
  8. Thanks for checking in!

There are multiple ways to view and call customers using the virtual waitlist on the service dashboard. Prioritizing, grouping, and filtering customers are just some of the ways to view and manage your waitlist. You can also call specific customers out of order. Qtrac easily conforms to your preferred business processes. Keep a look out for future videos featuring the queue management service dashboard as we continue to explore powerful features and best practices.

Qtrac Academy tutorial videos are a quick and easy way for your organization’s front-line associates to review and understand basic concepts of the Qtrac queue management platform. If you’d like to see a tutorial on something that isn’t currently here, please contact us!

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