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Digital Queuing: Helping Customers Without Mobile Devices

by Qtrac

Not all customers will have a mobile device or smartphone. Yet businesses can still use their digital queuing systems to help these customers have a more pleasant waiting experience. Discover how store associates can add customers without access to a mobile device to the digital waiting line and help them benefit from a better waiting experience. Our quick video tutorial will show you how.

Video transcript:

Hello and welcome to the Qtrac master class. Let’s learn how to add a customer without a mobile device to the digital waiting line.

Digital queuing without a smartphone:

  1. When a customer walks into the store, an associate can assist in adding the customer to the digital waiting line. Please refer to the “How a Greeter Adds a Customer to a Virtual Queue” video for a detailed tutorial.
  2. While taking the details of the customer, the associate may also explain how the digital queuing process works in case the customer ever returns with a mobile device.
  3. If the store has a TV Monitor implemented, the associate will direct the customer to have a seat. When it’s their turn, a Monitor announcement will tell them where to proceed.
  4. If the store does not have a Monitor, the associate can direct the customer to stay close to the branch. When it’s the customers turn, the associate will greet them and start service.
  5. It’s that simple!
  6. Thanks for checking in!

Digital queuing can work for just about anyone! Qtrac Academy tutorial videos are a quick and easy way for your organization’s front-line associates to review and understand basic concepts of the Qtrac queue management platform. If you’d like to see a tutorial on something that isn’t currently here, please contact us!

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