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Appointment Scheduling with Qtrac Virtual Queuing

by Qtrac

Appointment scheduling and booking using the Qtrac virtual queuing system is easy. Learn how customers can quickly book and schedule an appointment through your company’s website or app. Our quick video tutorial explains it all.

Video transcript:

Hello and welcome to the Qtrac master class. Let’s learn how to book an appointment at your local store.

Appointment scheduling using Qtrac:

  1. Head to the Company’s website and search for your specific store.
  2. Once you find your store, click on the “Make an Appointment” button to be taken to the store’s appointment scheduling page.
  3. Select your desired time slot, enter the required information, and click Submit.
  4. That’s it! You’ll receive a confirmation through both Email and SMS with instructions on how to check-in when you arrive at the store.
  5. It’s as easy as opening the Email or SMS and clicking the Check-in button.
  6. Once you check in, you’ll receive SMS updates on when an associate will be ready to assist you.
  7. Thanks for checking in!

Elevate your customer experience with Qtrac appointment scheduling. Qtrac helps engage customers and convert interest into action with intuitive appointment booking when interest is at its peak—online, on-premise, company app, or after the visit. Additionally, manage future appointments, checked-in appointments, and walk-in traffic from the same, easy-to-use service dashboard, which provides relevant, actionable customer data. Qtrac helps reduce no-shows and increase engagement with email and SMS communication that makes it easy for customers to reschedule.

Keep a look out for future videos about Qtrac’s intuitive appointment scheduling system as we continue to explore powerful features and best practices.

Qtrac Academy tutorial videos are a quick and easy way for your organization’s front-line associates to review and understand basic concepts of the Qtrac queue management platform. If you’d like to see a tutorial on something that isn’t currently here, please contact us!

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