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Today’s Veterinary Business: How Virtual Queuing Streamlines Emergency Care

Article Publish Date: May 23, 2023

Article Abstract:

Atrip to an emergency veterinary hospital is often stressful for pets and their owners. A long, undefined wait in the lobby only makes the stress worse. Besides potentially diminishing the level of care that animals receive, the wait also can leave pet owners with a negative impression, decreasing the possibility that they return to the practice for emergency care, checkups, outpatient procedures and anything else that generates revenue. In other words, long emergency waits are bad for business.

Unfortunately, long waits sometimes are unavoidable in this age of tight labor and increased pet ownership. The challenge then becomes: How do animal hospitals provide the best client experience possible when circumstances conspire against employees, pets and clients? The answer: virtual queuing technology, which allows veterinary providers to reduce chaos, create efficiency and, most importantly, improve care.

The concept is straightforward: Upon arrival, pet owners check into a digital system via SMS, a QR code, a computer kiosk or a front-desk employee. The clients then receive smartphone updates notifying them of wait times and alerting them when they’re ready to be seen.

Although virtual queuing is most often associated with retail businesses, restaurants and government organizations, such as the DMV, its potential in the emergency veterinary space is starting to be fully realized. The benefits are too impactful to ignore.

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