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Qtrac Launches NextGen Platform for Virtual Queuing, Setting New Standards for Service, Quality and Pricing

Enterprise Queue Management System Adds New Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing Capabilities While Enhancing Employee Engagement and the Customer Experience.  

VALENCIA, Calif. — November 3, 2021 — Qtrac® by Lavi Industries, a world-leading provider of virtual queue management and appointment scheduling systems, today announced the launch of its Qtrac NextGen Platform. The new iteration of Qtrac’s queue management system offers organizations an enhanced enterprise platform that is scalable, secure and comprehensive. It opens new revenue streams by adding advanced business intelligence and digital marketing capabilities, enabling businesses to improve the customer experience and increase employee engagement and productivity.

Brick-and-mortar businesses have long been exploring innovative technologies to help them combat competition from internet businesses. COVID-19 rapidly accelerated this evolution, leaving both businesses and consumers craving a brighter future for customer service and experiences. Qtrac’s NextGen Platform addresses these needs by offering the most comprehensive and advanced queue management system on the market.  

Whereas the legacy Qtrac platform offers businesses a comprehensive tool for virtual queuing and appointment scheduling, the NextGen version takes it to the next level. Businesses small and large can easily capture their vision for the customer experience and omni-channel engagement using powerful design tools and advanced business rules. The NextGen platform also keeps users and customers engaged with modernized and insightful interfaces. Executives who currently use Qtrac’s legacy reporting suite will be amazed by the NextGen reporting suite “Insights,” which provides the next level of analytics and AI-driven metrics.

“As the market continues to adopt queue management software, we’re investing in our customers by leaning into a modern approach and positioning our technology as the gold standard in the industry,” said Qtrac Founder and President Yonatan Lavi. “The new version of our product will open new revenue streams, as its flexibility allows us to cater to new industries such as events, call centers, casinos and travel terminals, and to continue to expand on our legacy industries.”

The Qtrac NextGen Platform gives businesses access to a wider array of tools and capabilities, including:

  • Advanced AI-driven business intelligence
  • Digital marketing capabilities (SMS, email, display advertising) via advanced business rules and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface designers
  • Gamification elements for staff users to drive more engagement and productivity
  • Extensive API that opens the door for new integrations
  • Serverless cloud architecture that is scalable, secure and high-performing
  • A workflow configuration that makes it easy to set up companies, locations, users, services, queues, appointments, alerts and reports without sacrificing flexibility

Compared to other queuing products on the market, the Qtrac NextGen Platform boasts more flexibility and engagement capabilities along with a focus on marketing and sales. This allows users to collaborate with the experts at Qtrac to design customized workflows and interfaces that best suit their unique needs.

“The new platform allows our customers to capture their wildest dreams in terms of visually and conceptually designing their customer experience,” said Qtrac Vice President of Sales Steve Covate. “Their customers will not only benefit from better and faster service but also be able to engage deeper with their brand through Qtrac.”

Qtrac NextGen boasts both the people-first values of its legacy technology and the queuing knowledge and expertise of Lavi Industries, a world leader in physical queue management.   

“Being in the industry for 41 years has given us a unique perspective: understanding that queuing is not only fundamental to customer experience and business operations, but also dramatically varies depending on industry, company size and brand,” added Lavi. “To this end, we built a comprehensive enterprise platform that is scalable, customizable and secure while prioritizing ease of use, approachability and engagement, filling a void in the market.”

In addition to the new platform, Qtrac plans to launch a mobile application for retail staff within the next year, enabling them to receive notifications on the go more easily. More information on the Qtrac NextGen Platform can be found here.


Qtrac® provides virtual queue management systems to companies of all sizes and across many different industries around the world. Its Virtual Queuing technology enhances the customer experience by focusing on the way people interact with businesses in order to eliminate lines, increase sales and improve service. Qtrac was founded by Lavi Industries, the premier provider of public guidance and crowd control solutions. Building on Lavi’s 40+ years of experience and success in helping the world’s leading companies effectively guide people in, through and out of their facilities, Qtrac helps organizations improve their operations by improving the customer journey. More information is available at lavi.com and laviindustries.wpengine.com


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Media Files: 

Qtrac Virtual Queuing, NextGen Image #1.

Qtrac NextGen

“Queue” is the primary screen used by staff members to manage the queue and appointments at user sites. This screen allows staff to interact with customers as they wait and deliver world class service with a host of powerful features.

Qtrac Virtual Queuing, NextGen Image #2.

Qtrac NextGen Screen Shot

This series shows different screens a customer might encounter while interfacing with Qtrac’s virtual queuing system. Customers can track their spot in line while engaging with promotional content while they wait. The interface is very easy to use, especially for customers who are less savvy with mobile devices.

Qtrac Virtual Queuing, NextGen Image #3.

Qtrac NextGen Screen Shot

“Snapshot” provides an engaging tool for day-to-day and real time reporting. The “Insights” portal is the most powerful reporting and analytics tool in Qtrac, offering extended KPIs to the user.

Qtrac Virtual Queuing, NextGen Image #4.
Qtrac NextGen Screen Shot

“Manage” screens offer simple yet limitless control for business users. They have access to a variety of tools to design and customize their desired customer experience and appointment/queuing process.

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