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Qtrac Expands Presence in EMEA Region Through Partnership with emendSys

Article Publish Date: March 19, 2024

Article Abstract:

“Qtrac and emendSys together can leverage our respective areas of expertise in order to bring truly innovative technology to retail businesses in the EMEA region,” said emendSys’s chief development officer, Daniel Moussa. “We will be in a position to offer advanced IT solutions, integration services, and queue management solutions that allow businesses to meet the high standards that customers expect from a brick-and-mortar experience.”

As part of innovating the in-person retail experience, emendSys will act as a reseller for Qtrac’s products and solutions in the EMEA region.

The main goals of the collaboration are:

  • Innovation in brick-and-mortar businesses: Both Qtrac and emendSys recognize the unique challenges and opportunities present in physical retail and service environments. By combining Qtrac’s technology solutions with emendSys’s expertise in IT services and custom software development, the partnership aims to revolutionize how brick-and-mortar businesses operate.
  • Improved customer experiences: A key aspect of this collaboration is to elevate the customer experience in physical stores and service centers. This could involve integrating advanced technology solutions such as AI-driven customer service tools, personalized shopping experiences, and streamlined checkout processes.
  • Enhanced staff efficiency: Equally important is the focus on improving staff efficiency. The partnership seeks to provide tools and systems that help staff members manage tasks more effectively, reduce manual labor through automation, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

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