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Qtrac and Strategic Communications Announce Partnership With Hidalgo County Vital Records Department

Article Publish Date: October 19, 2022

Article Abstract:

VALENCIA, Calif., Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Qtrac®, a world-leading provider of virtual queue management and appointment scheduling systems, and Strategic Communications, a value-added reseller that serves government accounts, today announced a partnership with Hidalgo County, Texas, that provides virtual queuing solutions to the newly built Vital Records Department office in order to support a better experience for citizens who visit the location.

The busy office — which issues records including marriage licenses and birth and death certificates — services hundreds of visitors each day. The county evaluated a variety of queuing solutions with the goal of delivering great customer service. In particular, they wanted a technology that would:

  • Provide staff with a quick and easy way to serve customers and meet their needs.
  • Have the ability to measure the service delivery of every agent employed at the office.
  • Allow customers to make appointments.
  • Enable a survey to collect customer experience data directly after service delivery.
  • It soon became clear that Qtrac was the best choice to meet these criteria.

“Qtrac is easy to use for customers and makes their interactions with the office more seamless and convenient,” said Steve Covate, Vice President of Sales at Qtrac. “On the back end, the county is able to collect valuable data that enables them to improve employee performance, address customer concerns, and ensure that visitors are having an excellent customer experience.”

Strategic Communications teamed up with Qtrac to make this partnership a reality. Hidalgo County required a contract vehicle to avoid delays in gaining approvals to purchase outside their contracting protocol. As an OMNIA contract holder, Strategic Communications served that role.

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