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PR Newswire: Qtrac Announces WhatsApp Integration for Virtual Queuing Solution

Article Publish Date: July 25, 2023

Article Abstract:

Qtrac®, a world-leading provider of virtual queue management and appointment scheduling systems, today announced that it has added a WhatsApp integration to its virtual queuing solution. This new feature will allow the company to expand further into international markets and give clients more options for personalizing messages to their customers.

Qtrac allows customers to join a virtual queue and receive real-time updates about their place in line. While customers are waiting, employees can reach out with messages and important information, and customers can do the same.

The Qtrac-WhatsApp integration provides an alternative to SMS text notifications, which were previously the only option businesses had to communicate with their customers through Qtrac. WhatsApp, a popular, free messaging platform, requires only an internet connection to chat and has grown in popularity around the world in recent years.

“WhatsApp’s widespread adoption has led to a decline in SMS usage in many countries outside of the United States, but most virtual queuing solutions do not offer it,” said Qtrac CEO and Founder Yoni Lavi. “People also often prefer the convenience and features offered by WhatsApp. This integration opens the door to new, international markets where WhatsApp is a requirement, and it gives more options to all business owners regarding how they communicate with their customers.”

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