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PR Newswire: Qtrac announces partnership with VCA Animal Hospitals

Article Publish Date: October 13, 2022

Article Abstract:

Qtrac® by Lavi Industries, a world-leading provider of virtual queue management and appointment scheduling systems, today announced it is partnering with VCA Animal Hospitals, giving veterinary offices the ability to triage patients large and small so doctors can better prioritize care for more acute cases. If the hospital is at capacity, Qtrac’s virtual queuing solution creates a seamless referral system so animals can be seen at other locations.

With virtual queuing, crowded lobbies are a thing of the past at veterinary offices in the VCA Animal Hospital network. Pets and their humans check in remotely for service and let the hospital know the reason for their visit, including the animal’s symptoms and how long they’ve had them if they’re coming in for anything more than a routine check-up.

At the same time, office staff members at network facilities have access to both their own queue dashboard and a centralized referral queue where they can see at a glance if they have the capacity to take incoming cases or if they need to refer them elsewhere. The software sends a message to the referring location indicating whether the referral has been accepted or not.

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