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Metro Magazine: Virtual & Physical Queuing = Improved Waiting Experience for Mass Transit Passengers

Article Publish Date: January 17, 2023

Article Abstract:

Passenger behavior is evolving. As people increasingly crave better, safer experiences, transit providers are looking for ways to accommodate their needs. Creating a smarter, more comfortable wait begins with introducing key elements that create a more inviting atmosphere.

Aesthetic improvements like murals, art installations, and music go a long way toward making travelers feel safe and welcome. Adding layered sustainable lighting schemes, free Wi-Fi and charging stations for devices, and more comfortable seating also improve the wait experience.

If building operations managers of train stations, bus terminals, and intermodal stations want to really make a great impression, one of the best solutions to improve the passenger waiting experience is to use a virtual queue management system in conjunction with physical queuing.

Virtual and Physical Queuing Create Friendly Service Environments

Organized passenger queues contribute to sound lobby management. Once passengers check into the digital queue software, they’re given the time they should arrive via SMS message or email. They can wait wherever they want and receive updates about their expected wait time, trip delays, weather updates, and more.

When travelers arrive and they see an orderly line, the perception is that station or terminal supervisors understand the need for safety and structure. Riders feel comfortable knowing everyone has gone through the same process.

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