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Medium.com: Yoni Lavi of Qtrac: The Future Of Retail In The Post Pandemic World

Article Publish Date: February 21, 2022

Article Abstract:

Most major retailers still have huge capital investments and assets in their brick-and-mortar facilities, and many of them still have upward of 1,000 stores. Walmart is a big customer of ours with more than 4,000 stores. The question moving forward is, how do you make the best use out of 10,000–25,000 square feet? Pre-pandemic, that 20,000-square-foot space was used pretty exclusively to let people shop, checkout, and leave. Now it’s all about figuring out how that same space can be used to do a lot of different, exciting things beyond the traditional retail experience.

Many people who can buy online and choose to come into a store instead now expect an elevated level of customer service. That’s why they don’t just shop on Amazon. So, within your building, you need some expert advice ready to offer customers who have those questions because you want to build loyalty and keep them coming back to shop at the store. You don’t want to lose them to online shopping. Companies have to really maximize the productivity per square foot and think about all the different services and channels they can offer to customers who have so many different needs coming out of the pandemic.

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