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HR.com: Should HR Managers Care About Virtual Queuing?

Article Publish Date: September 19, 2022

Article Abstract:

Despite the increasingly ubiquitous nature of business being conducted via our mobile devices, many people still prefer in-person experiences for everything from shopping to banking.

With one click, customers can buy just about anything, and paying bills has never been easier through apps and online payment portals. When they make the conscious effort to leave their home and experience physical space, their expectation of service and convenience is much higher than it was just three years ago.

Emerging technologies like digital queuing help you create positive experiences for your employees that directly impact your customers. Buyers receive great customer service and you set up your workers to succeed.

Anytime people have to wait in line for service, they’re in a queue, and the way in which customers move through the line is queue management. Virtual queue management, then, uses the power of technology to construct a “line” in which customers still wait for service but are able to check in remotely and have the freedom to wait anywhere.

Queue solutions should never follow a “one size fits all” strategy. Digital queue management that adapts to your business gives you the flexibility and the freedom to design a system that works for the unique needs of your business—including your employees and your customers.

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