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Credit Union Times: The Advantages of a Data-Driven, In-Person Member Experience

Article Publish Date: May 15, 2023

Article Abstract:

Even in this hyper-digital world, nothing beats the in-person experience between a credit union and its members. If someone is taking the time to visit your lobby, you must take advantage of the opportunity to deliver great service, potentially sell additional services and create a lasting positive impression.

The lobby management experience might be more important than ever to producing that positive impression. Members who face a long wait, a disorganized queue or unhelpful staff may not only walk out of the lobby but also reconsider whether they belong to the right financial institution.

What many credit unions don’t realize is that an effective lobby management experience also yields powerful data that benefits operations as well as members. The path to both advantages starts with technology.

Boosting the Member Experience

More and more credit unions are adopting digital queue management solutions to enhance the lobby experience for their members. The idea behind the technology is simple: Members arrive in the lobby and check into the digital queue by sending a text, scanning a QR code, or entering their information at a computer kiosk. After doing so, they receive updates on their smartphones about their estimated wait time as well as an alert when their turn is near.

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