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Case Study

ACE Hardware Case Study

Virtual waiting lines improve the customer experience for Paint, Keys, and other in-store services.

Country ACE Hardware, located in Granby, Colorado, is owned and operated by Amy Kaplanis. Recently, the store underwent a major, storewide renovation including a new layout, cash wraps, signage, and decor. In addition to updating the store itself, Amy saw an opportunity to overhaul the way her staff serves their customers who require in-store services, by adopting Qtrac virtual queuing software.

Country ACE Hardware selected Qtrac® Virtual Queuing to enhance the customer shopping experience by removing the need to wait in a physical line for in-store services. Customers scan a QR Code, then select the service they need — Paint, Keys, Propane, Fishing Licenses, and more. Staff is promptly alerted that a Neighbor needs assistance. The Neighbor is then free to shop around the store until it is their turn to be served. Additionally, Neighbors can track their spot in line as it dynamically updates on their mobile phone and on the displays located throughout the store. Qtrac® provides two-way texting between customers and Country ACE Hardware staff to facilitate quick and easy communication.

Qtrac® helps manage customer expectations, while allowing Amy and her staff to focus their efforts on providing the friendly, neighborhood experience their customers have come to expect and appreciate.

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