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Case Study

Online Queue System Establishes Efficiency in the Public Sector

From school district oversight to public works and recreation, local government offices serve various purposes and audiences. California is composed of 58 counties, all of which employ specific programs and protocols for maintaining the guest experience.

Like numerous other municipalities, the Orange County Executive Office in southern California hosts multitudes of local government services. Diverse obligations and a steady flow of visitors means efficiency and user-friendliness are essential to successful daily operations.

The same can be said for almost any organization operating in the public sector. With so many bureaucratic responsibilities, these agencies require streamlined processes for managing both the influx of clients and the productivity of staff members.

The Challenge: Quicker, More Convenient Experiences for All


Online Queue System Establishes Efficiency in the Public SectorAs with most any government agency, the Orange County leadership team wanted to provide a quicker, more convenient customer experience for each guest. In order to organize operations, they needed an efficient way of gathering and measuring visitor feedback to improve these interactions.

They were looking for an innovative way to optimize wait times and service times (their two most valued metrics) without uprooting their entire organization or confusing their clientele.

The Goal: Save Time with an All-Inclusive Online Queue System

The County of Orange needed to save time for everyone, both internally and externally, using an intuitive, all-inclusive system to manage visitor flow: an online queue system.

The Opportunity: Optimize Wait and Service Times with an Online Queue System

“Lately, customer service has gained significant importance and investment in various advanced technologies, including virtual queue management solutions, to streamline the customer service processes to enhance the overall customer experience.”

Online Queue System Establishes Efficiency in the Public SectorPrioritizing efficiency in an organization means making life easier for both staff and visitors. However, optimizing standard procedures to better the client experience often requires significant changes in scope, especially within multifaceted or large-scale agencies. To avoid slowing down daily operations, agencies in need of a customer satisfaction overhaul must create a detailed strategy.

The County of Orange needed a reliable partner to diagnose deficiencies in its customer flow model and identify specific pain points. This insight could provide managers with the information necessary to address weak links in the customer service chain.



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