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Case Study

Qtrac x Hurlburt Field

Hurlburt Field is a U.S. Air Force installation located in the Florida Panhandle. It serves as the headquarters of the Air Force Special Operations Command and, as such, is a bustling home to a diverse group of personnel, including more than 8,000 active duty military members, civilians, contractors, and military family members. At any given time, there can be more than 20,000 people living and working on the base.

Learn how Qtrac helps Improve Operations Management on a Military BaseThe Finance Customer Service Office on the base, in particular, facilitates an incredible range of services, from retirement planning to the day-to-day logistics of lodging expenses. In addition to in-person appointments, they also offer services virtually via phone, MS Teams, or Zoom. The office staff used an analog system to keep track of customer appointments and queueing needs. With many people needing to be served each day, the existing process needed to be streamlined.

Hurlburt Field’s financial office partnered with Qtrac to implement a more modern, streamlined, and easy-to-use virtual queue and appointment management system that better served personnel, employees, and civilians. As a result, the financial office can better serve its community with less stress—and its customers have more ownership over their daily schedules.

THE CHALLENGE: Improving Operations Management on a Military Base

The Finance Customer Service Office at Hurlburt Field needed a better way to manage customer appointments. Its previous pen-and-paper system was no longer cutting it.

Reimagining Government Office Customer Flow Management Systems Chapter 6Without a sophisticated queuing system, the Finance Office was having a hard time running at optimal efficiency. The staff was overloaded, customers were waiting in extremely long lines, appointments were falling through the cracks, and the office was having difficulty predicting and making it through busy rushes of providing required services.

It soon became clear that the Finance Office needed a different type of queue and appointment management system—preferably, one that would reduce the need for individual note-taking and instead empower each individual with real-time scheduling information.

But what solution would truly solve these issues and offer other benefits to streamline the office’s operations? Qtrac’s virtual queuing system.


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