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How Virtual Queuing Technology is used at Airports

People wait in line at an airport needing Airport Queue Management

Innovating Airport Queue Management

Reduce friction and improve customer service with airport queue management through virtual queuing from Qtrac for airport visitors, staff, and contractors.

Qtrac is powered by Lavi Industries, an industry expert in airport queue management. Features of our virtual queuing platform that benefit airlines and airport operations include:

QR Check-In Codes

Visitors can scan a code to enter a virtual queue to request flight changes, request in-person customer service, get a table at a restaurant, or anything else that might require a wait.

Phone Status Updates

Once they enter the virtual queue, customers can interact with staff and keep track of their place in line with text message updates on their phones.

Digital Display Screens

The Qtrac solution can be integrated with digital display screens that allow people to enter the queue, get basic questions answered, and check estimated wait times.

Promotional Offers

Airlines and other businesses can send digital promotions, coupons, and other advertising to customers’ smartphones as they wait in the virtual queue.

Contractor Badging

Security is essential in airport operations, but so are the employees who work for various businesses within the airport. Qtrac’s contractor badging capabilities allow airport workers and contractors to efficiently move through checkpoints and badging operations without sacrificing security.

Read More about Contractor Badging

Airport Queue Management for Passenger Check-In

Passengers may fret about the security checkpoints, but there are plenty of other waits they may encounter throughout the airport. Airport queue management with Qtrac allows an airline to improve the customer experience—from check-in to departure to after arrival.

Airline counters, both up front and at the gate, can use virtual queuing to:

  • Check in passengers
  • Notify passengers of flight updates and delays
  • Allow passengers to get in line to change flights, upgrade seats, and access other gate services
  • Reduce congestion around counters
  • Send digital offers (e.g., discounted admission to the airline passenger lounge or requests for oversold flight vouchers) to people’s smartphones

Virtual queuing can also be used by baggage offices and other airport services.

Appointment Scheduling

Not every person at an airport is traveling that day. Qtrac’s appointment scheduling platform gives visitors a way to make their airport experience less of a hassle. It can be used for:

  • Customer appointments with vendors, airport operations, or airlines
  • Job interviews
  • Lost luggage pickup

Learn more about Qtrac appointment scheduling.


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