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Case Study

Hopkins County Clerk’s Office


The Hopkins County Clerk’s Office, in western Kentucky, combines the services of the Clerk’s Office, the Motor Vehicle Department, and the Recorder’s Office into a single small building across the street from the Hopkins County District Court in Madisonville, Kentucky.


To meet new health and safety protocols brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hopkins County Clerk’s Office needed a new way for visitors to remain socially distanced while waiting for service.

Each department was located in a different office within the building. Prior to COVID-19, separate waiting lines would form in front of each office, snaking throughout the building during busy periods. After the pandemic hit, these lines were forced outside, sometimes wrapping around the block.

They needed a solution to disperse crowds, reduce wait times, and increase customer and employee satisfaction and safety.


Qtrac’s out-of-the-box virtual queue management system fit Hopkins County’s needs perfectly. Best of all, with the software’s flexible admin panel, the Qtrac team was able to customize, configure, and implement the system in 48 hours.

The Hopkin’s County Clerk’s Office called the Qtrac team on a Friday morning, closed the deal Friday afternoon, and was using the system by Monday.

To streamline the customer experience, visitors scan a QR code or text their name to add themselves into the queue. Visitors answer a few questions during this check-in process. Then staff uses Qtrac’s Transfer function to route each person to the appropriate service office.

Customers wait for service anywhere they’d like, such as the safety and comfort of their car, and are notified by text message when it’s their turn to return for service.

Additionally, the Clerk’s Office wanted visitors to be able to select and wait for a specific employee to serve them. These visitors are automatically routed to their staff member of choice, enhancing customer satisfaction and the service experience.

Leveraging Qtrac’s two-way SMS capabilities, staff can initiate communication or answer customer questions prior to service, creating efficiencies that help reduce service times. The management team has real-time visibility into wait times and service demand that enable it to adjust service capacity as needed, helping to reduce wait times.

Why Qtrac?

  • Quick implementation
  • Responsive project team
  • Powerful customization
  • Detailed support from planning to execution


Hopkins Count Clerk's Office


Implement a solution immediately

Eliminate physical waiting lines to keep visitors socially distanced

Enable staff to control the occupancy of the building and small waiting room

Reduce customer wait times and improve the service experience

Gain insight and visibility into wait/service times and service demand to better accommodate visitor needs

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