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Qtrac Virtual Waiting Line

Are long waits impacting your customers’ experience and costing your business money? Free your customers to shop while they wait for service.

Studies show that when customers are at ease and receive tailored shopping experiences, they buy more and become repeat customers—and tell their friends.

What’s more, when customers have the freedom to browse the store while they wait, they are more likely to impulse shop.

Leverage technology to manage service queues, optimize staff efficiency, and increase cart size, all while improving the customer experience.

  • Increase revenue by freeing customers to shop while they wait.
  • Disperse waiting crowds and focus staff on serving customers instead of managing crowds.
  • Reduce walk-aways, customer frustration, and anxiety by creating a more pleasing environment.
  • Receive alerts when VIP’s enter a queue, then prioritize their service, capitalizing on your best customers.
  • Optimize service efficiency, decreasing wait times and increasing transactions per time period.
  • Improve labor allocation with the help of real-time dashboards and historical reports.
  • Increase ROI — Qtrac VR runs on almost any existing internet-enabled hardware, from PC’s to mobile, making deployments quick and easy.

Virtual queue management systems are revolutionizing how organizations handle their queues and deliver the best waiting experience possible to the people they serve. Customers who once dreaded long lines now feel more in control, while employees can provide better service with less stress.

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