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Customers can enter a service queue from virtually anywhere!

Virtual queuing is gaining notice across industries as a powerful way to transform the way customers wait for service. By removing the need for a physical waiting line, a virtual queue management system removes the disdain customers often feel when approaching or standing idly in line

Using a quick text message, customers instantly put themselves into a virtual line, then keep track of their progress using their personalized queue page. As they move up in the queue, the display chimes, alerting them to their current status. The custom display offers such features as Call Number Display, line position, and estimated wait time. And a requeue button moves customers back a few positions if they need more time before service.

  • Easy to set up (Qtrac does all the work)
  • Enhances the customer experience
  • Disperses waiting crowds
  • Decreases perceived wait times
  • Enables service to be matched to customer needs
  • Lets customers arrive for service when you are ready to serve them

Ultimately, the virtual queue is a buffet of benefits for customers and businesses alike. Virtual queuing solutions are the next wave of technology for businesses, offering you so many ways to be more efficient and more helpful so that your customers have better and more pleasant experiences while they wait.

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