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Qtrac Solution Spotlight: Retail

Brand loyalty starts with an exceptional customer experience.

The long lines and unhappy crowds waiting for checkout can be a drag on your customer’s experience, costing you sales and hurting your brand. But with Qtrac VR queue management software, customers can wait for service while they shop.

Increase engagement, drive revenue, and deliver a remarkable customer experience. Qtrac’s retail queue management tools and insights give brands an edge in creating flawless customer journeys.

When it’s their turn, they’re notified via text or an in-store LCD. It’s a simple scenario that enhances your customers’ experience, reducing perceived wait times and increasing sales and brand loyalty. And because it’s cloud-based, investment is minimal and implementation is easy, maximizing ROI.

  • Browser-based software works on existing PC’s, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Supports both self-service and associate-assisted registration processes.
  • Receive alerts such as VIP’s or wait time limits.
  • Real-time and historical reporting helps both front-line staff and management planning.
  • Frees customers to shop while they wait.
  • Text-based hailing disperses crowds and eliminates lines.

Would removing the physical queue enhance your company’s customer experience? If you sell a personalized service, need to plan ahead, or run a high risk of customer abandonment due to long wait times, it may be worth looking into virtual queuing.

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