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Qtrac Solution Spotlight: Colleges & Universities

The long lines and unruly crowds during registration can be a drag on your students’ (and your staff’s) experience.

But with Qtrac VR queue management software, students can wait for service almost anywhere, like the student union, the library, even their dorm room. When their spot opens up, they’re notified via text.

It’s a simple scenario that enhances the student experience, reducing perceived wait times, staffing and costs while increasing personalization, productivity and efficiency. And because it’s cloudbased, investment is minimal and implementation is easy, maximizing ROI.

  • Browser-based software works on existing PC’s, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Cloud-based software enables each department to customize for specific needs.
  • Appointment/Scheduler module enhances services such as Counseling or the Health Clinic.
  • Real-time and historical reporting helps both front-line staff and administrative planning.
  • Transfer students to other services or prioritize individuals based on collected info.
  • Text-based hailing disperses crowds and eliminates lines.

A queue management system helps the student experience by not only reducing wait times but also making a good impression with students who benefit from the platform. If a student is having doubts about whether to stay at your school, at least they’ll remember how you provided a way to make their lives easier. With so much going into someone’s decision to remain enrolled—and so much at stake for your institution—every positive experience counts.

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