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In-Store and Curbside Pickup

Today’s retailers and businesses are faced with extraordinary realities and responsibilities. For many, the ability to offer in-store and curbside pickups is crucial to their very existence. For others, it’s an additional way to deliver a remarkable customer experience.

Whether looking to start an in-store or curbside pickup program or perfect an existing one, there are some tried and true practices to keep in mind. These best practices combine technology, products, and strategies to optimize the customer journey.

Qtrac’s mobile queue management system offers:

  • Contact-free Engagement: Customers add themselves to a queue using their smartphone, then track their place in line.
  • Appointments: Optional pre-scheduled appointments help flatten traffic patterns.
  • SMS Messaging: Two-way texting improves customer communication.

With mobile queuing, your shoppers can text to place themselves into a virtual waiting line. They then track the waiting process on their smart phone. When it’s their turn, the system alerts them to return to the counter.

Allowing customers to register for a place in line from their mobile device and then communicating with them about their turn via text message, web page, or mobile app can connect your business to your customers more than ever. And it shows you truly “get” their needs for convenience, productivity, and control.

Offer your customers a safe, frictionless, and personalized way to pick up from your business. With Qtrac there’s no app, no system integration, and no hardware: just great service.

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